Firefox Changed the OPTIONS

— Firefox Changed the OPTIONS —


firefox-24921_640Mozilla is following Facebook in the updates, changing the interfaces where the user is at the mercy of the programmers. Well there is more browsers out there, Mozilla is not the only browser.

I hate change that is more oppressive than helpful. In the “options” they changed the whole system of the menu it is no longer at the top, it’s along the side, and cookies window is locked and not maximizable, which is a lame improvement when it’s downsizing an upgrade. In fact it’s insulting my intelligence.

The version of Firefox I’m talking about is 38.0.1, I want to reboot the system to see if it’s the same when it reboots. When I go to the Mozilla site and check the options they show the old menu options…so maybe it’s just a bug, cause I used the old options today, if my memory serves me right.

And the upgrade was a couple of days ago, if not a week ago. CORRECTION, they updated it today.

So, it’s not a bug from some other program I added today, or maybe it is… I’m just peeved that Mozilla is following FB in the updates. I’m beginning to dream of no more internet and addictions to the digital drugs. We are reminding me of robots with digital needles feeding our needs.

A sad picture of the mind’s addictions.

Firefox was a prize once, and over the years they got rid of the status bar at the bottom, and numerous other changes to the interface and menus that they went down and down, at least their friendliness to the user with the updates, along with taking away the add-on’s compatibility with the updates.

Well I upgraded to version 38.0.5 the beta version, and the menus didn’t change, and I stayed up later… my health is my concern, even if it’s not Mozilla’s.