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Fungi : The New Plastic

— Fungi : The New Plastic —     This is sort of an old idea, I saw a couple of years ago, and I thought it was a great idea, I hoped they would perfect it, so that the fungi didn’t spread and be dangerous to humankind. It means killing a lot of fungi, …

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I Joined TSU

— I joined TSU today — It supposed to pay you for joining, I’ll believe it when I get the first check. It’s located at tsu.co I find it to be a phishing site to keep the spammers at bay, they are mesmerized by the measly profits they make. It entails following people you don’t …

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Decentralize Everything

Decentralize Everything : An interesting concept, it was the basis of the US constitution, but the lawyers raped it.  I had a couple of disagreements with the one who made this video, but overall I agreed with him. Imagine a city in a glass dome, where you could study it, the population under the microscope, …

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