I Joined TSU

— I joined TSU today —

It supposed to pay you for joining, I’ll believe it when I get the first check.

It’s located at tsu.co

I find it to be a phishing site to keep the spammers at bay, they are mesmerized by the measly profits they make. It entails following people you don’t know, be friending people you don’t know…it could be compared to a social game. FB doesn’t pay you, but at least they don’t limit the shares.

You are allowed 8 shares per 24 hours, after that they tell you that you reached the limit, and don’t share the thing you wanted to share, cause you reached your limit…WTF.

I got a lot of followers within minutes after I joined, don’t be so quick to follow anyone, if you’re not into making money, cause you’ll see a bunch of posts to make money…the scheme of shallow people, minnows, cause they fear the deep waters. I’m looking for the big fish to swallow me whole…I’m getting sick of this world of minnows.

The networks of social scenes is guided by the love of money, which I find as my enemy because of my faith in God, not any religion per se, but I was baptized as a catholic. Which was sending me to hell at 7 years old cause I missed church, so I started taking money out of the offering plates to buy candy at the candy store in my later years.

I hate religion, cause it’s a man made leash for the masses, I would rather have a relationship with God, and read everything under the sun wrote about God. I got through school that way, and I’m living in a country that reserves the right to practice my religion freely, without limitations. Man made religions, is filled with limitations, I’m thankful for the Nuns drilling the rules with discipline though, it made me a better person.

To get back to TSU (pronounced SUE) I see it as waiting and seeing to know what happens to them, if you want to make money from sharing,friends,followers, and liking, then TSU is the way.

I already followed a bunch of people that I wished I didn’t, cause they’re now in my feeds. I should go unfollow them.

I just joined to get off of FB’s censorship, and I feel their censorship even more now that I went to TSU. It’s like a game of children with their friends, the jealousies involved, is astronomical, that you need to get back on the ground with your feelings, and learn from your experiences.

Censorship is the way they supply the bandwidth, to me too. I go to FB and having to wait 30 seconds for the page to load, and all the other censorships going on with the content. I don’t want to create more content, cause they don’t share them with everyone, unless I give them Money.

SO my views of TSU is this, it’s a noble gesture, but I see it failing, because of the money principle, you use it as bait, so you lure a lot of unsociables looking to capitalize on the love of money, usually scammers,spammers,and even virus writers that collects sensitive info from the ones who are infected… but if you want to keep your friends, then FB is the way to go, cause they don’t put a limit on sharing, where TSU has a limit on sharing, 8 total in a 24 hour period, it must be that way for a lazy mathematician that doesn’t want to experiment writing logarithms, or just chose the basic one, that he didn’t have to think about.

If your seeking another social scene from FB, then try TSU, but beware of spammers, viruses and scammers, don’t be so quick to make friends, or they’ll be your fiends, instead of friends. My suggestion is try it, I like the limit on sharing, it’ll bring my shareholic nature into check.

Just make them wonder about you, till you know what they’re about, before you follow them too. It offers promise, but I seen many of them come and go, I don’t trust Fox news, since they bought MySpace that was buried by Facebook, so TSU might be phishing project in the works…since people are so antiwar nowadays.

Everyone’s looking for Money For Nothing