Decentralize Everything

Decentralize Everything :
An interesting concept, it was the basis of the US constitution, but the lawyers raped it.

city-408952_150 I had a couple of disagreements with the one who made this video, but overall I agreed with him.

Imagine a city in a glass dome, where you could study it, the population under the microscope, which is what’s happening today with NSA scandals. The earth is the city, there are many boroughs in the city, namely countries, but the earth is one city in a universe of cities.

Centralization has its place sometimes, but not in governing, because it denies freedom.

When despots take control whether politically, religiously, or scientifically, then they walk on freedoms, they lay as pavers for their power. They build paths that pave the way for others to walk, but deny the others who haven’t the resources to access the paths they built.

We need to allow all the paths that were built, that is true freedom. We need to educate not dictate, they might teach us.

Decentralization is the key to freedom, when you centralize anything it is for stability of the system, but your freedom is compromised.

If their was a true freedom, then you would have the opportunity to change to suit your will rather than the powers that be, otherwise it’s just plasticized existence, not real, only a hopeful replica.

It may suit the powers that be, but it only bakes you in a oven like any ceramic replica of your hopes. So if you hope for happiness, then it becomes a tool for slavery, that puts your happiness in control of the world, and could be broken to bits and pieces at any time. I’d rather have my happiness in my heart under my control, the world is cruel and indifferent to the preciousness of my happiness.

I’m going off on a tangent here, the topic is centralization and decentralization, and I’m going off on a tangent like an unbalanced tire, which is another centralization that works, when it’s balanced.



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