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Congress’ Job is to Read the Bills

— Congress’ Job is to Read the Bills, that it Passes —   I saw this documentary on the congress’ job called “Fools on the Hill”, and it discussed the incompetence of our Congress and Senate. Also, they get along vacations too. They don’t even read the bills that they pass on our backs, like …

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Syrian Summers

— Syrian Summers —   I saw this on Frontline today, this is the whole episode, but you have to buy it to watch the whole episode, or you can wait a several months, when it’s not news anymore. I thought PBS was an educational station, but it’s going the way of greed… I don’t …

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Obama’s Transparency

— Obama’s Transparency —   Obama’s govt transparency was what he promised in 2008, and now almost 7+ years later there is more secrecy than before. At least with Bush there was arrogance that was masked with national security denying truth, but with Obama he masks the truth, as if it wasn’t alive, and smothers …

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