Congress’ Job is to Read the Bills

— Congress’ Job is to Read the Bills, that it Passes —


I saw this documentary on the congress’ job called “Fools on the Hill”, and it discussed the incompetence of our Congress and Senate. Also, they get along vacations too. They don’t even read the bills that they pass on our backs, like we are there to carry their burdens.

I was disgusted, though I knew it from the Pelosi before the Obamacare bill to get passed, we had to pass it to read it.

This is the trailer for Fools on the Hill.



I tend to think that when one gets a lifetime of easy access to the powers of the govt, they should work really hard, instead of seeking re-election campaign funding.

Congress works in session about a third+ of the year, and it varies with every year.

There are a few congressman that read the bills. Sen. Rand Paul introduced a bill to make senators and congress, making mandatory for the reading of the bills. But I read the text of it, and it’s filled with doublespeak, and I can’t understand it. It like reading software licenses that you just OK, rather than read the doublespeak of lawyers that you can’t understand.

Though they provide it to be online 72 hours, before it goes to congress for them to pass it. A bill comes up, and they already pass it in their minds for some reason, from some lobbyist spiel favoring it. It could be some complete BS, and doesn’t answer in favor of its passing, but it passes.



I‘m disgusted by the passing of bills, that they haven’t even read. We wear the burdens, and they receive the rewards. If those bills were not passed, we wouldn’t be any different, cause they’re all, or a majority are pork barrel bills.

Spending and spending, fiscally irresponsible, the way of the current govt, be it either democrat or republican.

We all carry their burdens of incompetence, and are supposed to pay for it. With their average salary being $174,000 a year, the party leaders are more. That’s not counting kickbacks and side deals, that are going on under the radar.

I think they should at least read it before passing it.

Don’t You?


Contact your representatives in the Federal govt, and contact your state’s representatives too. Just click your state and find them. If it’s going on in the federal, you know it’s going on in the state level too. Monkey see, monkey do.