Syrian Summers

— Syrian Summers —


I saw this on Frontline today, this is the whole episode, but you have to buy it to watch the whole episode, or you can wait a several months, when it’s not news anymore.

I thought PBS was an educational station, but it’s going the way of greed… I don’t want the greed factor.

Well these are the free clips of this Frontline episode, you can watch it free on over air TV too, just watch PBS.



They show it for free for some, they should be educating people for free, they paint themselves as doing a service for the people. It’s my pet peeve.

Enough with the PBS bashing, it shows the chaos Assad is involved in, whether Assad is a dictator or not, he is a murderer of his own people. Anyone who justifies the killing in a war, is a murderer, which is every leader I’ve seen throughout my life.


Justifying killing, instead of spreading peace.

I don’t seek power, but I don’t have the will to fight anymore. I lost the will to live in this sick world, my power is going out, the last couple of years has drained my batteries for the lifeforce, and I lost the desire to charge the batteries.

I don’t know what they feel in Syria, but if it’s my feelings, then I would be a refugee, or at least wanting to be a refugee, but I hate running. I don’t know, and I’d stay and fight; may be a bullet would stop me.

There are so many factions fighting in Syria, the pro-regime forces and the western rebels, I could name them cause they’re so many, and I don’t want to.

We know there’s daesh(IS) that they’re all fighting, to bring them into alliance with a common enemy. It makes me sick, Russian bombing, American bombings, Syrian bombings, and Iraqi bombings, and no one wins, all that’s left is ruins, that needs to be rebuilt.

Then in the next war, what will need to be rebuilt then, cause I see more ruins?

The ruins will grow unless there is a rational approach to this situation, emotional solutions are like a stormy seas, they don’t have stability before the next wave approaches. It’s making me sick… sea sickness. The ship I’m on is rolling and rolling from one violent act, to the next violent act. Watching a series of violent acts that solves nothing, makes me sick to my heart.

This senselessness is just making me want to give up, what do I have to say that hasn’t been said before?

We have been seeking peace for over several millenniums, and don’t get the message that we heard over and over again, and those who do, never get the power to do anything… and recede into indifference, so that they’re not complicit in what they condemn…hopelessness wins, which raises more indifference.

I should stop writing this blog… after watching the GOP 3rd debate, I’m already fighting depression.

This is the other free clip from the Frontline show… it’s about a pro-regime force.




I need to close this with a song… and this song by Tribal Ink – Refugee reflects my feelings right now.



In fear of drowning
As my heart keeps pounding
Striking ones step
To hold on to what’s left
Hold on, to the strings of reality
Bouncing on my heel of prosperity
Leave from my cell with a gleam in my eye
Watching it all wash by, watching it die
Its so hard to see it all fall through
But it’s too late nothing left to do

Refugee, I’m an enemy of your belief
Don’t hate me, because i disagree

Release me from a world unkind
A world where the blind is leading the blind
It’s so unfair that i can’t feel free
That i have to be what you want me to be
Shadows of the past keep stabbing my back
Reminding me of when i slipped out of track
They’re wasting their time another morning dawning
And time when the restless keeps on joining

Refugee, I’m an enemy of your belief
Don’t hate me, because i disagree
Refugee, I’m an enemy of your belief
Don’t hate me, because i disagree

Refugee, I’m an enemy of your belief
Don’t hate me, because i disagree
Refugee, I’m an enemy of your belief
Don’t hate me, because i disagree