Obama’s Transparency

— Obama’s Transparency —


Obama’s govt transparency was what he promised in 2008, and now almost 7+ years later there is more secrecy than before.

At least with Bush there was arrogance that was masked with national security denying truth, but with Obama he masks the truth, as if it wasn’t alive, and smothers it, that it gasps for air to survive with the hearings on the FOIA (Freedom of Information Act).

The following is on reporters from Vice news and other news agencies in a hearing before Congress, talking about the redactions for something that had nothing to do with the national security.



The govt is guarding their privacy, but they look down on you for guarding your privacy… even label you for being a terrorist for that view.

If the govt has nothing to hide, then why all the redactions and denying of giving info. It won’t be long for the people to stand up to the arrogance of govt, that should be in service to the people, and not the other way around.

Like a scene out of 1984 book, that I seem to forget it’s been over 30 years, since I read the book in 1984, and it is all a blur to me now… I took the facts that I got out of it like the doubletalk, or double speak principles to dilute the point, at least that’s what I got from it.

See George Orwell, called it Newspeak, so I’ll shut up about it “freedom is slavery”, was a Newspeak slogan…  cause I don’t know what I’m talking about.

I’m just riding in the rapids of the world’s flow, and I want to ride the rapids freely, and ensure the future generations will have the opportunity to ride the rapids freely too, but when I see something wrong going on, even if it’s myself… I will cower in embarrassment, but I won’t deny it.

I’m riding a very turbulent rapids session at this moment in my personal life, which isn’t private anymore… I’m reaching for understandings/balance as I speak/type…