Syria’s Civil Murders

— Syria’s Civil Murders… the Reasons for Refugee’s Crisis —


When is civility equated with war and murder, it’s a crime to the max, a sin against God’s creations.

“Allah Akbar” when I hear that from the hypocrisy, from someone who doesn’t honor God or God’s creations, it makes me sick to my stomach.

If I could Puke, there is hope for relief, but I can’t puke… cause I puke bile neutralizing the acidic nature of the world. Well, bile is for my own body, and I don’t have enough to calm the world.

You have to stop the wars and making weapons of war, it would calm my stomach.

It starts with games like Wolfenstein and DOOM and moves towards your obsessions with weapons and murder, and justifying your will upon other people, which you should serve, cause that’s the platform that got you elected, and after you get elected you forgot your campaign promises.

I’m not talking one president, I”m 58 years old and every president since I was born, made that happen. It’s been going on since I was born, and many presidents gave warnings, but none heard.

Corporations take the power of the state, and war with each other in corporate wars… it’s a mad world.



This is the reasons for the Refugee crisis in the EU, and beyond. With the upcoming presidential elections with egocentric fools like we have for our choices, the future of mankind doesn’t look too promising.

You continue dealing with superficial symptoms, and don’t dive deep to where the tumor is and eradicate its growth. You think building walls will solve your problems, cause it blocks communications, and as the saying goes “outta sight, outta mind”. It only delays the problem that you’ll face.

The US is not the last Superpower in the world, and isn’t the only one of the dictators that knows whats right for this world, it’s ALL of us working in unison, that brings true peace.


You’ve heard it all before, and I’ll be the echo of the world’s message to you, and God’s messengers since the beginning of time, there is nothing new I’m echoing.

I have no new message, just the same thing over and over since time began, but the weapons of war make a lot of noise too, and distract you from achieving your mission, which is peace and harmony with each other, if you want conflict to stir the juices, then cooperate and build something rather than destroy something.

Build understanding between each other, it makes you proud and humble at the same time… where there is understanding, there is peace and love. Where there is confusion there is division and wars, don’t go down that road, it’s a dark and destructive road, without understanding, it’s more like an amusement thrill ride, it will be a relief from stress, but doesn’t cure the disease.

The disease is the thirst for power which overcomes the thirst for living, and becomes your dominant nature… dictating your will and everyone else’s will in your life. That is very promising isn’t it?

Sure, if you’re happy being sick, but like the refugees that just want to survive, it’s impossible for them at home, that we invaded and made it worse for them.


War is Terror… that makes us all terrorists, especially the soldiers of war. When you’re an invading force you’re bringing terror, when you’re a defensive force, it protects you against terrorism.

You decide!  Are you fighting the good fight, or are you spreading terrorism?

I’m ashamed by my country’s actions in my name… I’ve been betrayed by my own country… to bad there isn’t a law against that.

It’s a shame there is a treasonous law that protects the state, rather than the individual.