Spammers, scammers, using TOR

— Spammers, scammers, using TOR —


Anonymity is useless when you think in the realms of intelligence, all the anonymity is useless when you think of intelligence, it serves no purpose, but for a thief.

The thieves will have their chance, they have their chance now in this sick world full of murderers and deceitful robbers, but they will meet their makers.

I’ve been attacked by people using TOR this week or the last couple of weeks, TOR is used for anonymity from govt sources, but I guess that’s what you want to believe… lets just say it makes it hard for govts, but eventually you’ll be found.

If you want to download TOR, you can do it here.

What is TOR?

TOR is an acronym for THE ONION ROUTER.



Hiding in the shadows like cockroaches on the kitchen floor at night in the dark, and when the lights come on, you seek the dark spaces under the stove where you hide.

You live in fear of the light… you are terrified of the light/truth/understanding. I’m here professing the light, at least what I understand that it is.

It’s my definition of the light, my definition is usually dim, it doesn’t cover its immenseness of the light itself.


I only see one side of it, as the other people that witness the same light, see the other sides of it, and together we see the understandings of it.

Which brings enlightenment to the world, rather than divisions and wars.

That’s what I see of the light of the world, which was Jesus’ mission that got quickly changed with persecutions and crucifixions, but he left a seed of truth. That man can heal himself with faith, he needs the doctor’s of faith too, to heal the physical infirmities, but the healing powers is in man/woman with faith. God is in charge of healing… and since God is in all of us, our faith will guide us.

The true good news, before the gospels were raped and distorted to serve the agendas of the money changers in the temples during Jesus’ times. It’s good to study the gospels, but not to assume you know what it means… you know what they say of ASS of U and ME.

We only know about 1% of our powers, and even less of our healing powers… we know much more, than a 100 years ago, but we’re like babies in the nursery ward of the hospital called Earth. I want to be discharged… So I’ve been hoping.


TOR is The Onion Router, and you know the despicable nature of the onion you can’t peel it without shedding tears, it’s an omen of what’s to come. You think you’re anonymous, but you’re NOT… it’s like the Guy Fawkes mask that Anonymous uses, but it supplies mask makers with jobs at a factory in Sao Goncalo near Rio de Janeiro.


The GUY FAWKES mask story from Wikipedia

According to Time in 2011, the protesters’ adoption of the mask had led to it becoming the top-selling item on, selling hundreds of thousands a year. Time Warner, one of the largest media companies in the world, is paid a fee with the sale of each official mask, as it owns the rights to the image.


You just support Time Warner with each mask that you buy, so it goes to corporations that keep getting more powerful like the nations, and they’ve ruled the politicians for years… and they aren’t real people, they are profit driven organizations.

They like you to believe they are the people, but you don’t know what goes on behind closed doors in the CEO meetings, from unelected officials.


You wake to this world, and then you die like everyone else, it’s what you share with this world, that will make your life worthwhile or not.

TAKE OFF THE MASK FROM YOUR SOUL… reveal the real you.


UPDATE: The Spammers are blocked from using the SMTP servers for their mass mailings, but spammers are there, exploiting another aspect of TOR. Here is a list of services that block TOR users… I don’t know how to block users of TOR… maybe you can share that with me.