Sweatshop: Wear clothes?

Do you Wear clothes?

You buy clothes at astronomical prices and the people that made the clothes, got paid slave labor wages.
You probably never heard of the Bangladeshi sweatshop that collapsed and killed over a eleven hundred and twenty nine people, this was criminal. So you could get cheap clothes, people died.


File-LindintracuayThe clothes made in sweatshops, is sometimes made under the most tyrannical rules and regulations, and what they get paid is criminal.

I get sad when I look at the differences in wealth and poverty in the different cultures, is it fair? I ask myself, and I don’t like the answer.

Bangladesh is only one country that houses sweatshops, the working conditions and the wages are parallel to slave labor, you get paid $2.39 for a day. It probably holds more buying power in Bangladesh, but imagine you getting the same pay for working 12 hours a day.
I know the numbers are not sure, but I’m typing as I hear it…it’s disgraceful.
You get paid pennies and the the retailers collect $20 – $150, what’s fair about that.

So when you put on a red,white and blue clothes for the 4th of July, and it was made in the many sweatshops around the world, I hope you feel the price they paid for your freedom, and appreciate it for the warmth that the clothes give you.
So have a happy 4th of July, and you set the fireworks off, which is another Asian discovery. Asian people are bright and deserve that recognition.