There isn’t enough time in the day

clock-69184_640Where does the time go?

There isn’t enough time in the day to get things done,  everything that needs to get done, without proper planning you’re up sh**’s creek..

Make a list and then you don’t remember where you left it, so you end up wasting an hour looking for it, and never finding it, or you just forget about it, and curse yourself for making a list in the first place, so you never make a list again.

It’s the signs of old age, the memory is targeted by old age or the conspiracy theory the govt is poisoning you that makes you demented, I think it’s a little of both. Dementia brought on by what you eat and old age. Alzheimer’s brought on by confusion in the diet,

“Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.”

I made a greenhouse, now I need to hire a gardener, cause I can’t decide where the time goes. I’m getting old, and soon I’ll be 60 years old another mile marker of my life, and the way time flies, it seems I just turned 50, but that was 7 years ago and it seems like last year.

The time is passing me like I’m driving slow in the fast lane, beeping like an a**hole and riding my tail in the mirror of life.
Do you ever wonder where does the time go? When he passes you, you wonder where he is going so fast.

So age attacks the memories as well as your health, and the time flies as a super sonic jet, you don’t gain from the pain you are in a constant war with entropy, the real terrorist.

Think about it, God is the ultimate terrorist he’s making religious zealots do demented things, they spill blood for their prideful reasonings, they chop off heads screaming Allah Hu Akbar while the head rolls.  Going back a thousand years in the understanding, the thoughts of being saved by reason and good faith is a misnomer.
I forgive God, for this troubling life.

“God is great” which allah hu akbar means, but why display a thousand years ago during the middle ages, the understanding of God. I don’t blame God for man’s sins, but every member of ISIS I blame for doing such an injustice to God with such violent sins.

If I’m going to hell for my view of the world, I do no dishonor to God, his holy comforter/spirit which would come and “teach us of all things” said to me when I was saved, that I could speak the truth and the world will follow.
Share my understanding of the scripture not get involved with dogmas and traditions, which the catholic church is entrapped by, stuck in the web of bickerings and semantics. Titus is a good book on that subject.

Jesus told the crowd why do you call me good when there is only one who is good that is God

I love God with my whole heart and the zealots who commit acts of violence in his name, make me sick when they distort his message to serve themselves, while they praise him.

I wish their was time in my life that I would wipe them off this planet while I’m alive…but that’s another story.

But I digress, I’ve just returned from the greenhouse, and I didn’t finish what I went out to do…which is the reason for this rant.

I’d like to end on a good note, but I just found out a friend of mine died in March, and here it is July1st and I find it out.
RIP Tammy, you will be missed with love and good wishes to experience the fullest of a new life.