NDAA? Is it constitutional or not?




I began looking at the text of the bill for it, and earlier bills had over 4000 sections and within those sections there must be a couple of pages, but the bill that just passed the house for 2013-14 had over 5000 sections. It’s no light reader, in fact I think it’s hearsay, rather than a sincere reading. I forgot when the bill started the earliest reference I found was 2006 and that 3000 sections.

Obamacare must be passed in order to read it, according to Nancy Pelosi. It’s the future, I’d rather live in the stone agers period, cause you’re stoned, if you think it’s more positive to pass the bill, because your too lazy to read it and understand it.
I wonder how many bills have passed by the hearsay rather than an in depth view. It sounds good so it must be good.

With that mentality you’re so SPECIAL needs.

The text of the NDAA

Well, this video brought up the NDAA, and I wondered why I haven’t read it lately, then I browsed for the text, and that’s why. (Update 9/16/2016 – Eventually the NDAA was Vetoed by Obama, so no more to worry about … or is there?)

It’s all lawyer talk saying a long bit of speech and repeating things over and over, wording everything, so you don’t understand, and they have a justification of their lives.

Rather than word it simple, so everyone could understand without a college degree. It’s doubletalk in the Orwellian style, the state has its team of lawyers to deal with the wording of their documents. When everyone agrees with only a few points on the constitution. It’s a confused mess, and a despotism as a disguised democracy. There are many democracies in the world, and America is a fascist/corporate democracy. Where it’s bought and sold at their whims. It’s not a true democracy.



It supposedly gives the govt the authority to detain it’s own citizens without habeas corpus only suspected, and evidence withheld, even the authority to make a person disappeared from the public, like the old days of where the secret police kidnapped the troublesome individuals off the streets where no one is seen again.

Well this is a very real statement about the NDAA bill from a mother in Nevada.



Do we Really Need the NDAA

So rather than read it and know what you’re talking about, you live with suspicions and paranoia and you’ll never know what’s in it.

It’s written to confuse you.

That’s its job, and they’ve been successful at taking over your lives with another freedom to understand. Dead on the battlefields of life.
It’s sad, but true

I find it hard to love this country anymore, it’s not the country it claims to be, it says it’s a democracy for freedom, but I see it as democracy that is bought up by corporations, which I see as another religion that wants to make the people their servants, by feeding them trinkets of pleasure.
Well, I’m not for sale!

My integrity is my strength, I’ve been lied to before. The NDAA is nothing but another waste of time.

Well I’ll end with a Little Steven song sung by Jackson Browne, I’m going to bed…
I find words are a waste of time too, words are the start of something good, or something really wrong.