Swatting, it meant killing flies when I was growing up

Swatting, what does it mean today?

Swatting in today’s world is a prank in the mind of some sick individual, but to the police being played the prank on in their minds, it is a very bad crime, animosity rages out of control.
I see this as a snowball rolling down the hill in a cartoon imagery, we have seen it before, it gets out of control, and it’s a catch22 situation. You are damned if you do, and you’re dammed if you don’t.

The prank is not a prank, it’s a waste of time to the police officers, and the way the world is today, a complete militarization of the police today, makes the terrorism that took place on 9/11 a victory.

Swatting are the droppings of the beast, the manure that falls on the fields of terrorism, much like the drone wars.
Shit 4 shit, it’s all vanity.

You send a false claim on a 911 call, it’s called swatting, you send swat teams to the celebrity’s house.
When it started with celebrities, they made it known to the public, cause they were celebrities that were in the public spotlight.
It is a waste of time that needs recompense, and made right.
Rather than the militarization of the police, which can be taken out of proportion and misunderstood, and that misunderstanding could be taken and acted upon, where people get hurt.
It brings to mind the imagery of a cartoon’s scene of snowball rolling down the hill, getting bigger and bigger where it reaches the end of the hill, and whatever at the bottom of the hill will be buried or destroyed, except this isn’t  funny like a cartoon.
It’s reality.

So when you’re tempted to send swat teams, take a look at the purpose that you want to accomplish, you will think it as waste of time for you and the police, if you’re somewhat ethical.

But what do I know…