Neural networks of AI

Neural Networks

I saw this video along with other videos of the brain and the neural networks that are employed with the understandings we had or have today, or hope to have in the future with AI(Artificial Intelligence). There are so many variables which rely on other variables, to make an assumptions which is another variable.



The world is a complex set of variables, and speculations and conjectures on those variables and assumptions, make more variables, creating uncertainties makes the public like guinea pigs. They know they are conjectures, but the public doesn’t have that absolutism.

I don’t know what God is, but in the beginning of the bible, God was described as a collective, with “our image”, our is is the possessive plural of they.

My theory is Satan, Lucifer, the testers of the human condition, whatever you want to call the malevolent spirits, that went to war with God, or they had a different image of God, and were cast out of their heavenly thrones.
It might seem ludicrous to some of you, but I’ve been known to view the world very differently than you do. Now I’ll give your views of this on scientific terms, the UFO’s are the angels of old ancient times. I wish they would come down and reveal themselves, and the enemies that were cast down, rise up, and confess their sins, and stop making us test each other, these are my suspicions, so I have no proof.

Without a missing link, I don’t support the evolution theory, but I don’t deny it’s possible. The fact that races change to suit their environment, I don’t deny that, so the evolution theory has merit in my eyes, but not the conjectures that go with it, it’s a little extreme in my opinion.

Science is valuable to the human race, it’s like our notebook to the absolutes in the world, but there are a lot of other scribbling in that notebook, falsehoods maybe linking to another perspective, not necessarily the truth, but another perspective.

There are so many variables to the neural networks in the world today, and each of those variables leads to another confusing summary, that may be true, or not true.
Which is why I had a problem with statistics in college, it wasn’t applying math to the real world, it was raising conjectures as the truth/absolutes. Rather than taking the formulas and forecasting to see what is possible, they were spreading lies as the truth, errors as absolutes, and denying it when you challenged them.
The polls in the voting process were a classic example of that practice. It sways the public that were undecided, meaning it makes up the mind for them.

AI is the functioning aspect of the neural networks, it’s modeled after the biological organism, our mind.
We seek to create perfection out of what’s not perfect. I only see science fictional horrors, out of that scenario. Much like Frankenstein’s monster, it was funny as told by Mel Brooks, but a true horror told by others.



Neural engineering is a new science, so expect a lot more mistakes, hopefully not fatal mistakes.
Jesus is the way, not with the understanding of religions giving the steps, we see what terrorism brought forth in those understandings, or the terrorism that is preached from terrorist Muslims, religions have a way of taking the truth and squeezing all the truth out of it, so that it never resembles the truth again.
Religions started like a game of Telephone, where one whispers the truth to the next person in a circle, until it returns to the originator, and it returns to him/her slightly or drastically distorted.
Well that’s the way Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, etc, it started with the simple truth, and we made it a mystical, something we can’t comprehend or attain.

Pride need not be the sword in the wars waged, but truth as the weapons of war, and only lies will be spilled, instead of blood.

Neural networks of cooperation in love and truth, it is OK to disagree with someone, as long as you’re listening to who you disagree with, and not silencing them with your pride, so that you silence them with anger.

AI is something we want to achieve, and we strive to make it true, at the expense of the public, with some benevolence and some drastic mistakes that bring malevolence.
We seek it, and haste makes waste, as they say.

The ego wants to be right, and is prideful that gets defensive, when it’s confronted with the wrongs, but humility is a proper recognition for success.
The Ego is a good servant, but it’s a slave driver as a master.

With the rise of AI robotics, I see a benevolent hope, but a malevolent danger. I guess we will have to experiment which is the danger that I see.

The Movie “I ROBOT” , talked of the benevolence and the malevolence aspects; a more real sense of progression from the Terminator movie, which is the extreme danger, but I guess we will have to wait and see.

I’d like a personal robot that cleaned the house, change the sheets and did the floors, I like a clean house, maybe before I die, we’ll see.