Smartphones and DumbPeople


Iphone, smart phoneSmartphones, they are draining your intelligence, and you are actually becoming addicted to the simplicity they offer.

Much like the calculator, made you dependent/hooked to the ease of mathematical procedures. You’re an addict!

They give you ease of understanding the world, with trinkets like a camera, but your mind is a camera too. Rather than perfecting the development of your mind, you turn to digital imagery, which is capable of manipulation with propaganda. All the Zombies so addicted to their smartphones, doesn’t know they have the power inside of themselves. It can be a tool, or an addiction…and I only see the negative effects.

I learned in electricity class last night that only electrons(negative charge) of the atoms can be transferred, from on atom to the other. Negative forces exist in this world, and are the only power. The protons(positive charges) exist too, but they are only part of the atom, and can’t be transferred, along with neutrons. They make up all matter, and we discussed static electricity, and was curious to the point of killing the cat.

I had many revelations last night. The reality of the world by science standards, which is in my opinion another religion. They look to get there by faith, and anyone who says it doesn’t happen, then they don’t know Tesla,Einstein,or a host of other inventors, that did everything by faith, and look where we took this world with their inventions.
I’m pretty much below the level of the zombie, as far as intelligence goes, but I’m an observer, I see their mistakes and learn from them. Of course, I have my own mistakes too, but it doesn’t take a pile driver for me to learn from my mistakes, as it does trying to convince others of their mistakes.
But I digress…

To get back to the smartphones draining your intelligence, it seems you don’t know the things that you do, and the way you do it…it’s a giant chess game of mapping strategies. Some deep thoughts that you are to think in your silent times.
Good wishes in your silent times.