Jailbreaking ?

Jailbreaking ? —

Jailbreaking is something that should come by default to the device that you want to jail break. It’s letting out of the box that the developers put it in. You should have the option through some menu or some options, whatever you want to call.

I understand it would be dangerous for the beginners that want to click for happiness and be ignorant for the rest of their lives, but with knowledge comes much suffering too.

Technical knowledge brings much pain and accountability to bear, but if you rob the ignorant, you have the ignorant to answer to in the day in the future. Maybe, that’s why they want to be ignorant, and they’ll just look at you like your mad/insane and pity you for your own ignorance.

Jailbreaking is a new term for me, I learned about it when I woke this morning, I heard about a few times over the the last year, but I didn’t look at it as closely, as I did this time.

The new jailbreaking tool that is available for the Iphone is Pangu and Cydia.

The name Pangu (or Pan Gu) is the Chinese word for (Chinese: 盘古), which comes from Chinese mythology. It was the first living being and the creator of all in some versions of Chinese mythology.[2]


There is a danger to these patches, that patches into the OS, of your device… the danger is the open backdoors, that the developers created. They take the weaknesses of the OS, and put a backdoor to execute their own programs, that run stealthily in the background that you don’t know is running.

If I was writing the program, I would put in a backdoor in… so I don’t know programming, for that reason.

There are so many backdoors in Windows, that they create a new version that masks the doors as walls, so for hackers, it’s like exploring the haunted house for secret passages on Halloween, except everyday is Halloween for hackers.

I know my way around PCs cause that’s what I started on in the 80’s, but technological advances over the years went into mach drive, and then on to light speed looking for the “Singularity”… there is so much that is passed by at a blur, when you’re going that fast.
Is there a wall at the end?

Technology has been a thorn in my side, since I saw the first Terminator movie in 1984. I see the dangers in everything, but I see the beauty in everything at the same time, which leaves me depressed and happy at the same time, a boiling pot of emotions.

I never got into Iphones or Android phones, they didn’t have a keyboard… I know they have the software keyboard, but it’s not the same as a hardware connection…it’s a virtual connection. Virtuality is like pretending to exist to me, I like to be real as real can be. It includes a lot of painful experience, but those experiences make me strong or weak, and I learn from them.

Would you want to live through birth again? From the baby’s perspective or the Mother’s perspective, I’m imagining it was a painful experience, that will bring great joy or tragedies, depending on your upbringing. So to get back to the jailbreaking, would you rather live in a virtual prison with the limitations of the OS, or would you rather live in a virtual world where you are open to the wolves without the protections that the OS built.

I think there is a happy medium there, where you have the options, if you seek to load other software. The only thing that programming code is like an encrypted language, and there are many of them. There is a new language every year dealing with a proprietary purpose, like living in a stealth mode.

Languages I learned from my Metaphysical studies, is another questioning questions, that I have to look for the answer too. I’m tired of answering questions that give more questions than I know what do with. I feel like a hoarder, in my mind, there is too much confusion in there already.

So I’ll stick to the flip phone for emergencies, but I’ll stick to the laptops for sanity sake…I preferred desktops,but I’m not in the rush for the singularity. I like to go slow like a turtle through this maze of confusions/technology.

This is a video from youtube the process of Jailbreaking your Iphone:.. I’m not condoning this, because I don’t even have an Iphone, but my friends do, I just don’t trust programmers, there is a lot of yin and yang in the world of programming, More Yin than Yang.