— Surrender —

There was a video speaking of surrendering to silence, but I replaced it with “NO EXPECTATIONS” by the Rolling Stones… but I wanted to tell you about it instead of being silent, I figure I have no expectations of this life, and surrendering to silence just makes me complicit in the crimes of this world… also the video that was posted the Youtube user terminated his account, and I chose NO EXPECTATIONS of saying what I wanted to say…listen to the lyrics, “I have no expectations to pass through here again”.


The Stillness factor is the one thing I agree about, it comes with solutions to the problems we face.

When things don’t go your way, it will be better not to get mad, but get quiet, and find your solutions. Surrender was the worst word to use for this video.

Surrender is needed not as the first step, but once you find a solution you need to surrender, and not be governed by your expectations.


It always progresses that expectations will be your downfall, cause it’s a lucky chance, when you get what you wanted, the way you expected to get it. The key to success is never give up, the one thing I told myself that I wouldn’t do, and this video is saying give up, surrender!

I got the solution when I surrendered to writing this piece, to pick another word, is the solution. Tolerate would be a better word, where you use surrender, once you find a solution. I found the solution first, that I needed another word.

Tolerance of different religions and different languages, the solution comes in the stillness or silence, where the loudest voice is in your mind. That voice speaks your language. It maybe a game of semantics which word to use, but it plays better in my mind.

Where you understand all that it says, with clarity and comprehension. The most important requirements of a solution. So I’m alive in agreement with the silence factor, it’s where great ideas are formed, and where great things are born. I need to be more silent, but I never would share the good things then.

Problem solving is a life long quest, enduring the worst of the let downs, and relinquishing your expectations, to succeed.  I’m at a loss for words, I expected this to be easy, which makes me a hypocrite, but I want to finish.

So I’ll surrender to finish this piece, and be happy with that.