Curiosity is addictive

— Curiosity is addictive —


Curiosity killed the cat as they say, I can relate to the ecstasy of neural discovery and understanding, but taking more than you need is a sign of greed.

I know the addictive quality of pleasure, and it’s a danger to the ignorant, it becomes all they know, and it’s hard to break free from it.

I’m a killjoy of the pleasure of understanding, when it feeds the pride, I’m not dead-set against pride, cause when it gets power, it’s a madman and looks to oppress the rest of the population with their views of the world.

You could say I’m proud, and that’s why I look at the world that way, but I’m not imposing my views on you, you could read and go anytime you want. I just want to point out the danger of ecstasy that was raised from the dark of the matter.

He gets so excited with his understanding in these Shots of Awe videos, but he doesn’t realize there is more, and the path he sets you on, as if no dangers are on that path,

Satisfying curiosity is rewarding to say the least, but it’s also addictive. You don’t want to become a junkie in satisfying your hunger.

So when you start the journey of understanding, know there are misunderstandings too, and if you don’t have a sharp mind capable of discerning between the two, those misunderstandings will get you in trouble.

He takes ecstasy before these shots of awe videos it seems,  he so high on the findings that he is misleading, I guess I can’t blame him, he’s high.

I’ve also been guilty of not pointing out every aspect of what I’ve discovered in my highness, so I can be labeled as a misleader too. I’m in awe too, when you’re in awe you’re high, and too excited to make sense in a coherent form.

Just know there are dangers too, not just beauty to the point of awe. Be alert and be aware in your journeys.