Studio One 6

Day 2
I downloaded and
installed Studio One 6.

Making your own Click Track

And I saw this in making my own click track, with certain sounds of drums… it gives it feeling, instead of the bland counting of measures.
It’s what I always wanted with a DAW, and I’m sure other DAWs have that feature too… but I gave up searching for a DAW, that I liked.

I think I’m going to like this DAW, and I’ve been impressed with everything I could do with it, maybe I can get into practicing again… NAH… but inspirationally alive again, at least.

Mastering & Streaming

I came upon this for streaming and mastering, it’s geared to setup for clean streaming and mastering. I like that it’s a separate mastering template within the program. It’s a dedicated GUI for mastering and streaming… it makes my life easier, rather than loading different plugins.

Comping a Vocals Track with Layers

This is a comp track of vocals, and how to do it on Studio One 6, and I’ll try to find another one that’s impressive, and I have Melodyne Essentials too.

Looping is Cool
It’s close to MPC Wizardry

This is setting up your own loop station with unlimited layers of loops, but with a Studio One DAW.
It’s an impressive feature, I wouldn’t know it if I didn’t see it, or figure it out how to do it… in a couple of years.

How about customizing colors in the display

This is very interesting, and making the contrast of features, that you’re staring at more pleasing to your eyes. Every program should have this… my own personal favorite, I need to do it, but I’ve been lazy.

I‘ll be searching out what I can do with this.
I like the looping capabilities with Studio One 6, and with MPC… I just found out about MPC this last year, and it’s coming up with grooves that you can build on, cause it’s a strong foundation of a groove, and you can go in any direction with the overlaying of other sounds.

You need a strong groove foundation to build your masterpiece on, without people wanting to turn it off.
At least for Pop/Rock/R&B/etc. music, Jazz music is the only exception… it never is the same, as in loops.

I’ll make up a Studio One 6 playlist of youtube videos, that I find useful.