The Butterfly Effect

Everything Will Be OK.

We all have heard of the Butterfly Effect theory, where one small thing is moved in South America, it effects on the other side of the world with a larger effect in chaos theory.

I was watching The Butterfly Effect movie starring Ashton Kutcher, where he played with time travel, and made it worse for his own life. Every time he went back in time, when he made it back to the present time, his life was worse off.

The theory is something as simple as a butterfly flapping its wings effects something as big as a tornado weeks later… it’s complicated theory derived from the chaos theory.

From the Wikipedia page on the Butterfly Effect

“He noted that the butterfly effect is derived from the metaphorical example of the details of a tornado (the exact time of formation, the exact path taken) being influenced by minor perturbations such as a distant butterfly flapping its wings several weeks earlier. “

They’re both complicated theories, but the rabbit hole is open for exploration, for the curious searchers.

Well, beside the complicated theories, I came across this Butterfly Boucher release “I Can’t Make Me”, and skims like a stone on the subject of time travel, and one line of the lyrics.

“It’s Not a Hurry, that we’re in
It’s the Pollen… It’s the Spring”

It’s a deep and metaphorical imaginings, it talks of time, and the Butterfly name, that she has sparked my mind’s meanderings with complicated theories, like the Butterfly Effect and the Chaos Theory… and also watching the movie The Butterfly Effect just the other night, I’ve seen it before, when it came out in 2004, but I meandered to see it again.

Click the Closed Captions for Lyrics

Well this is the end of my meanderings through time travel, the present and the past, and will look to tomorrow it will come to us all… it’s not what you’re expecting, but it will come.

I need to prepare for it, cause I can’t predict tomorrows, it’s darker now… and you want it darker.
You can’t kill the spirit, which is the flame of our existence… and I will shine on this world, till my death, when my light goes out… just extinguished by God’s hand.

If there is no God, then don’t wake me up to a godless universe… and leave me sleeping, where I lay.

To wake in Hell, after leaving Hell with aspirations, of arriving in heaven, but I saw hell on Earth already, and would like to sleep forever, cause I need rest… and I’m not a social butterfly also, so the “do not disturb” sign is on my door/tombstone.

I did my best, was the one thing my fleshly Father said to me, and be happy with that… well that’s all I can do, is my best, and not some half ass attempt… which can be my best at times, it’s your judgments that I carry… so stop judging me.
I like “gusto” as my epitaph, I thought it was disgusting by the Old Schlitz Beer commercials, but I learned the meaning of it was good.

 Gusto (noun)
1. Vigorous and enthusiastic enjoyment

Thanks for getting through this break from philosophizing about my life, and the daily events… and I don’t want to travel back in time, and make my life worse than it is now… with the butterflies flying around my head now.
I have to heal first… then I’ll have time for the butterflies.