The story of the indifferent soul

— Indifferent souls —

Apathy is running rampant in this soul, I fight indifference everyday, and try to please everyone, which is an impossible chore.

I can’t please everyone, that’s why I stay home when others are out.

I think I feel sorry for myself, which is another reason to be depressed.

So I’ll try not to please anyone with this blog post, and give my take on indifference. I feel indifference has taken control of my life. I know it’s my own fault, and I don’t blame anyone else, but I’m the indifferent soul this story is about..
I’m not different than anyone else, you’re indifferent to whatever you choose to be indifferent to.

I choose to be indifferent to all of the world’s problems. Maybe it’s my concerns, that spiral the world towards destruction and mayhem. It’s my experiment, I feed the indifference energy rather than concern, there is a problem with that, I see me, becoming hooked on indifference, like a drug similar to heroin.

So while I lay in a stupor like a junkie, know that I will be back…similar to The Terminator, shaking the monkey off of his back.

I read in another blog that I linked to below there was a poem and a picture, it summed up my indifference to a point, but there is more to my indifference.


indifference2  Indifference

 Indifference is my enemy, it doesn’t care about the things I care about, my friends sit and drink with indifference, he such a good ole bloke.

Indifference fills the world with so many problems, and laughs at us trying to make it better.

He doesn’t want you to see, he doesn’t want you to hear, and he doesn’t want you to speak of the things he broke.

Indifference is a part of us, so to get rid of indifference, you have to kill him, which brings up a dilemma and makes you a murderer. Which makes you feel bad about yourself.

In that dilemma you feel depressed and do not welcome the day, it pisses him off that you get up and welcome the day, and ignore his power.

Be aware, that extremely pisses him off. Notice things he wants to hide, don’t be ignorant. Awareness is his defeat and your victory. You overcome, those who have faith, it is your right.


Welcome the day, and be thankful that you’re alive. Be aware and cognitive of everything you do.

If you drink do it in celebration that you worked hard, don’t drink in idleness cause that brings depression.

Be glad in reaching your goal, with the head of indifference to be placed at your feet for a footrest, and give him mercy rather than chopping off his head to make a pointless political statement.