IS: idiotic statesmen

— IS did it again, all news from IS is bad news —


71px-Martirio_de_Santiago_(Navarrete_el_Mudo)I‘m about had it with IS, they want to take over the world with their dictatorship ways, I’d rather be dead, if this is the life they want to maintain.

Fear crazy bullying, fear mongering fools calling themselves rulers, of a state that has not been formed or recognized.

When  they make a statement, it’s filled with arrogant fear spreading, who’s next to cut off the heads in their ranting?

If they call their justice as a voice of reason, they don’t allow anyone to give their own words before they cut off their heads, they read it off of cue cards, much like the politicians they speak it read it off of the teleprompter, it’s not their actual words it’s a bunch of rhetoric that speech writers wrote.

You see the fear in their eyes, if they fall from the script, and you see the killers intimidating their words with the moves of the knife. You can see the knife moves in the hands when the nervousness in the voice is getting shaky.

I’m sick of IS(Idiotic Statesmen), and wish them the hell that they raised in their prejudices. Self ordained god like justice, but it’s more like devil like justice, an enemy of God. You call yourself the deliverers of truth, when you lie and fornicate with whoever you want, and want a state to rule over the people.

God is more just than you, and would be ashamed of you going back a thousands of years in our understanding of God.

The God that you serve, I call the devil, it is questioning the make up of God, you and everyone that lives. You take your understanding of God and impose it on other people, it’s just your perspective, there are many perspectives of God, cause God is as vast as the universe.

God’s spirit is filling the universe, and there are many sides, not just your narrow 2d version God. God has many dimensions, so many that you get lost in trying to understand it. You leave out the third dimension, that God gave us to understand this world.

We are just learning of the universe, the complexities that it entails, our imaginations get lost.

IS, I plead with you, give up your mission to instill fear in the world, or you will be feeling the same thing. The world will make you fear, it’s inevitable.

The spirit of the world is a deceptive ruler, he get’s pleasure of making you think one thing, and then showing you the truth, which is the thing that you believed in, but not in the same understanding. I’ve been trying to understand the big deceiver for my whole life.

The spirit of the heavens, is our connection with God. That spirit rules over the spirit of this world with Truth.

I don’t want to get trapped in a sermon, cause you’ve had many distortions that feed your gospel of blood and terror. I want to enlighten and free the ones who want to join you in your quicksand to hell.

Reach up to heaven and ask God for help. You are not God’s judges, cause God’s judges offer mercy and understanding, not bloodshed and decapitation.