Mysteries of the imaginations

— Mysteries of the imaginations —


Mysteries rise from the suspicions that may be true or false, or a mix of both.

It is in seeking the truth that the mystery is solved.

When you contemplate life in general, you come up with various ifs and thens, that give rise to assumptions or imaginations.

We make out with ourselves patting ourselves on the back for encouragement, reciting our suspicions and meeting dead ends trying to reset our mind to the way they see it, if Tesla or Edison did that, we wouldn’t have AC or DC.

The way of the world is continually trying to push their agenda on the free individual, which is taking away our liberties and chaining us to an ideology that may be right or may be wrong. I think if we are truly free, then we should have the freedom to choose the ideology that we choose, if we hurt no one, but ourselves.

I don’t want to get long winded and take away from the point I’m trying to make, and that is continue on seeking your desires, no matter how crazy it sounds cause it’s the truth you seek, and if Wilbur and Orville Wright listened to their peers we’d be walking instead of flying. Leonardo Da Vinci  came up with the idea first, but there was no way to power the wings though.

If God meant for people to fly, we be covered in feather instead of skin, I imagine people said it to Wilbur and Orville Wright, and now imagine if they lost hope and quit with their idea of flying.

The invisible world to the naked eye through other instruments or the microscopic nano world, where our imaginations run wild, cause they never saw them before, and we don’t see them as we present them, we present them as our imagination sees them.

The opposite of nano is ultimate journey into space where there are more sizes both nano and beyond big. Our imaginations get marveled to becoming awe struck, and we can’t even imagine an understanding of it.
We are shocked to stupor.

Here are a couple of documentaries that discuss the small and the big of the world’s mysteries.


National Geographic Video – The Invisible World

New space Documentary 2014 !
Finding Life Beyond Earth COSMIC JOURNEY


Maybe this is what you needed to fill your life with mysteries, and how much you don’t know, or maybe you don’t care, and indifference is your food, I hope I sparked your interests.