Stoned Eagle Eye Music Reviews

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Songs Reviewed

Natalie Taylor – “Love Is The Answer”

I AM THEY – “Scars”

Colin Hay ~ “Overkill”



Natalie Taylor – Love is the Answer


This is a song after my own heart by Natalie Taylor, I put the lyrics videos, so I don’t have to copy and paste… from somewhere else. This is the LIVE version.

You can get the meaning of missing some one, and with open arms… she’s trying to convince someone “Love is the Answer”… she convinced me.
Which makes it a blues song for me… cause I know Love is the Answer… I’m cursed with cynicism, and would make it a protest song.

Take the ride back to the light, everyone should know that love is the answer… not the political party you belong to, not Lust, money, or anything from this world, but LOVE is the Answer, to take memories of your hearts as gems that fills your shopping Earth cart, and then you die.

I’m trying to close on a positive note… I have that problem with songs ending with discordance.



I AM THEY – “Scars”

his one song from I AM THEY, I’ve lived more times than I imagined, and still didn’t figure anything out, except to move on, like a turtle in a rabbit world, where everyone wants it done NOW.

Well, I’ve resigned to my retirement in MT, I retired early in life, about 25 years to soon… I got a lot more scars to deal with my rabbit life, so I’m back to the turtle life.

Where everything amazes you, and you can stop to smell the roses of all colors, even the blue ones.

It’s a Christian song, and says its scars makes you see Jesus’ scars, and reveals his heart, full of mercy and forgiveness… this song is 50%/50% percent good and bad with me.
I’m more siding, with what we did to deserve forgiveness, I’m just trying to breathe… it’s like a prison, and I want to get out of it… not soon enough.

I have a multiple personalities disorder/schizo, I fight within myself daily… I’ll get over it… I keep telling myself.



Colin Hay – Overkill

This is an older song from Colin Hay(Men at Work) singer, and it brings up my life, and what I feel right now, cause I can’t get to sleep either.

Thanks Men At Work… cause I see ghosts too, and then they fade away.

And I’m left with articulating what’s bothering me, and I’m thinking of going to war with YOUTUBE, and all the ads they plaster on my shares with.


I hate paying for Premium Youtube, and it’s filled with ads with what… thank God youtube, cause payment is coming, and I’ll make the move to ad free music videos… first, I have to find one.
You don’t offer the service, and you don’t produce what you say… it makes you a false advertiser.

Anyway, my mind is busy thinking and keeping me up all night… and this is the result.

Yelling at the marketeers, with their lies overpowering them… we all die, and we’ll pay for our lies, instead of sharing the truth.

You have a board, where you get the honor/privilege to program our minds, and tell the truth about your product… not minus the  true info, and let our minds assume the info, filled with lies by our imagination.

These are the links to opt out of ALL ads, but only for my browser.

Opt Out of all ads  “also”  This DAA page, where you can’t opt out

“Overkill” this Youtube.