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Songs Reviewed

Constance – In Madness

REN x Chinchilla – How To Be Me

Fivefold – Lost Within

Click Play on the Youtube video, and then go Full Screen, then ESC to go back to regular size… if you use an Android or an Iphone, then I don’t know what you do

This song “In Madness” is a Bluesy Pop song, if that is a Genre… they come up with all types of Genre, and give it a new name.

It’s Constance giving her view on life, and how you should look at it, cause she sees the light in you… like the Dawn.

I liked this song, the message, and the music too.

I guess everyone we meet is a reflection of you, some reflections, irk you, and some you want to hug and kiss.
But they’re you… all the same.

This is REN and Chinchilla making up a song, called How to be me.

I’ve been following REN for about 3 years, when this song was written.

He was a busker in London, or some other city in the UK, he was always spontaneous and improvisational  to make music.

I always enjoyed his performances.

He/She “can’t breathe” cause the UFOs are following them home.

I like the graphics too.







This song “Lost Within” by Fivefold is one, that I never heard of before

Or maybe I did, and forgot… my mind is like a river shore constantly eroding and reloading… I don’t know myself anymore.

It’s a chore to recall anymore too,

Crawl out of the hole you’re in”

is the first line of the song, then it catches your attention  at the start, and keeps it… it has Punk screaming in there too.

Its a great piece of work, but I like noise altogether.

I choose not to listen to it, like when it reminds me of scratching on a chalkboard… but who am I to take your rights away of your expression… whether it’s just whining, or someone making you do it.

Noise is just noise, if its presented right, then its music, if it sounds like your groaning and in pain… which is what my music sounds like, then you got a real problem… and when I figure that out, then I’ll share it with you.