Stoned Eagle Eye Music Reviews #4


This song has in it a live stream ad that you have to close… I’m banning them from future reviews, unless they change their Youtube’s monetary practices in the future.

You can subscribe to Citizen Soldier if you want to, but “Easy’s Never Been This Hard” is sort of describing my days for over 2 years now, laying in bed on bedrest… I long for a real shower, instead of bedbaths.
I’m sorry for my narcissism belch, cause when you feel a belch screaming to burp, I just let it happen.

I hope you enjoyed the song, it might be how you feel too… it’s definitely up my alley at this time.

The same with this song, there is an inline streaming ad, that takes away from the musical experience, instead of the closing of the AD.
Cool Sounds Provider isn’t part of the band, but it’s capitalizes on them… marketing is a slippery snake.

Sam Tinnesz has many good songs. I’m bummed out about ads being displayed again… and I want to be antisocial right now… and quiet.

Brandon Lake – HELP!

Well, I feel like I’m banging my head against a wall, the ADS are never ending streaming with videos, cause of the greedy principles being imposed on the public for profit’s sake… it’s depressing to say the least.

I want to buy a clean API without ads, from Youtube/google/alphabet, or whoever they claim to be next year… I hope I’m dead by then, and will live on another level and try to clean up this mess… “you can’t see the forest for the trees”

Anyway, you need to close this inline streaming ad too… it takes away from the musical enjoyment of this venture from me, and makes a profits for the snakes/marketeers in our society.

It’s a good song anyway, but all this head butting has made me get a headache, so I’ll close for now… sorry for all the headbutting and whining.