Stoned Eagle Eye Music Reviews #3


This song “Fragile Minds” by Silent Theory is one that pushes a different theology from me, where you get a soul, instead of being one.
“LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.”  Gen 2:7

He didn’t get a soul for him to sell.
It’s one sin that God forgot about, that we are imperfect as him/them, and take after him/them/.
We are not divine, and prone to making mistakes… we have to suffer in the fire of refinement to reach the divinity, and become like God… it takes an eternity… this life is, but a baby step into eternity.

Without forgiveness it becomes much more like hell, and sufferings are our food/fuel… but Jesus taught us that heaven is here now, and the road to mercy is the way to truth and love.

So don’t believe that we “broke the mold”.
We can replace the mold with the times that we live in, as long as, it’s the same mold’s boundaries with righteousness and truth… and a host of all the other good virtues/aspects.
Just know it’s been modified… with a version number.

I believe in evolution too, along with the creation story… it’s the grand design/illusion.
Everything in this world is an illusion, it chooses our perceptions and forms an interpretation, that our minds are ready to understand.

Religions, Politics, Cultures, etc. are the carts we push to fill our possessions/commodities for checkout.
($Ka Ching$)
The Cashier smiles and says “Thank you and have a nice and beautiful day.”

This song “Deal With God” by Crucifix, is a heartfelt expressions of dealing with God, it’s filled with sorrows and joy, as life is already.

I googled “Short Fire” and I came up with this, cause it’s not in my vocabulary… it’s burning a pile of dead wood making for a short fire… I never came up with a good definition from Google.

So, I guess I’m left assume, which I hate to do, cause presuppositions are the offsprings of assumptions, and only carry lies… I’m only guessing here… but a Short Fire is a poor rendition of life itself, which might be good for some, and starving for others.
Mostly those that hunger for life itself, living unplanned, and taking all that life has to offer, but for some in the monetary world, the poor would be suffering, and denied the riches of this life.

I’m getting into a sermon here… Go Here and Figure it out with God.

It’s the singer, singing the blues about life to feed his hungry ego, I guess I’ve been in that position more than once in my life, so I don’t mean any condescending tone or judgment… we all make mistakes.
And God is a merciful being, and will forgive the sincere and truthful soul.

Don’t get me going about the true nature of God… or I will become a revival preacher… much like Jesus… and we know what happened to him.

This song “Some Days” by Brent Morgan is a very good song, and needs no criticism from me, except that it’s too short.

You just start getting into it, and it ends… you need a slower well anticipated  ending.

Its my favorite song, of this version Stoned Eagle Eye Music Reviews #3, so I’ll close with that… just because my minds tired, and I don’t want to write anymore.

I need a better ending too.