Talking From Machines

This is “Talking From Machines”, from DailyMotion, instead of Youtube… or I should say ADTUBE.

YouTube is everything, but that service… either you have to pay for NO ADs with Premium service, so I went a different route with serving my personal Music/Songs from Dailymotion on my blog site.

I just need to setup a new song gallery with selective thumbnails… and organize it the way I like it… instead of the inline streaming ads or the sponsorship videos… it’s like broadcast commercial TV, it never covers what I want… but it’s ready to show ads… they should be on their own site with a search engine, looking for the product that they want to sell.
“Yeah that’s the ticket” impression of a SNL star… a sincere scheming listener.

Anyway, this is the video file, I had first on my PC, and uploaded it to DailyMotion… and sees if it will play without ads… I just have to learn to not play the next video… it would be great if they have a stop button, and I could set in my preferences/settings.