Stoned Eagle Eye Music Reviews #2

I decided to change the format it again

Foreign Figures & EJ Michels – Dark Room

This song, Dark Room” by Foreign Figures & EJ Michels
Is a sad song, that calls you down into dark thoughts, like all the other rabbit holes in the world.

Imaginations are basically liars dreaming their big deceitful dreams, and making it sound real with hyperboles galore… to play their con game.
I have an imaginative liar too, but I like to have it on their leash, when I go out in public.

It gets repetitive … going down the rabbit hole, and your Pain greets you to reminisce of your past’s bad memories.

I’m into making new good memories, we’re all running from our pasts… I think I’ve been running from my bad memories all my life. I have a lot of scars from my past memories, but I try to show the positivity from those emotional scars, but they go over our heads.
Such is life… C’est La Vie.

Joy Oladokun – Breathe Again

This song by Joy Oladokun, “Breathe Again” is a depressing song on being alone.

I can relate to this song, cause I’m alone more, than I want to be… and I talk to the devils all the time, and angels that have not fallen yet… the other side world’s hierarchy is a mystery to me… I just have faith, without fear as my guide, to get me to the other side of death… and eventually meet the collective God and watch them in their courts… and I’ll rest with the true God, if I ever meet God face to face… I think God is a collective of every sentient lifeforms that ever lived and breathed… that’s my 2 cents on the subject of God.

It gets lonely sometimes, and I’m always trying to figure the path out of this world… so I’m a Jesus’ Freak, and I’m following him out of this world, into the world he went to prepare for us… I’m only quoting hearsay, of what he said… The Catholics have proven that they’re more liars, than truth tellers… religions start out as divinely inspired, but sins are errors in the coding of life.

I watch this sick world where everyone finds success in entrepreneurism, fame, wealth, etc. … but I’m still a loser, to stay humble, and keep my sanity… it’s my religion.


Hayd – Changes

This song “Changes” by Hayd, is what I wanted to say all my life.

This song is almost autobiographical for me, and everybody else… it’s just that we move slower, than what’s around us.

I got slower minded with age, and when I was young, I was full of ignorance and hurry up to get somewhere, like it was important.
I liked the ignorance, and the health of the younger minded person… but we change eventually, and realize that we are not gods yet, there is so much knowledge to learn

We’ll be gods one day, hopefully real soon… but while we’re breathing here…

I guess that’s why Jesus said in Matt 19:14
“Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them,
for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

They’re maturing everyday, and then they become corruptible, some more than others… oh this isn’t a rant… it’s a song review… excuse my tangent.

I feel like ranting, so I do.

But the message of this song is let someone search in his/her own way, and let it pass, cause it just stresses us out, and things go on anyway they can.

So in twitter minded world, be patient with one another, and greet death with a smile, and carrying no fear, just walk through the valley of death, and meet your maker.

“Show me some patience” when I stray… and we’ll both get through this trying world.
And greet the new day, like waking up from a well rested sleep.