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Anna Graceman

his is a dangerous territory to play in, it’s the fantasy world, that gives way to major misunderstandings between people, who don’t face up to reality, and think what goes on in their mind, is reality.

No matter what you said or agreed to in their mind, it wasn’t discussed in your mind… so you have a lot of misconstrued conversations, that were never agreed on.
In fact to the stalker, he might want to kill you, or himself, if he’s that far gone.
I’m just being the Devil’s advocate here, but you’re in the spotlight, and your fans makeup their relationship to you in their minds.

We all retreat to fantasies in our minds, when we want relief from the REAL life.
Fantasy seems so real in our minds, at the time, but the REAL returns, and wakes you up.
You have to be awoken from your fantasies, like a snake bite with a real life event, that startles you, or brings joy to your heart.

It may be a charade, like in your lyrics of this song… you “want what’s real”.
You’re “Done Playing Pretend”, and you would like to leave your fantasy world… cause “Life’s just a game” “Nobody wins”.

I’ll close with this insight, with your own words…

“Take off the mask
Let’s strip it down
Show you the me
I’ve finally found”

I hope you stay found, everybody retreats to their past eventually, cause that is where they feel safe and warm.

Playing Pretend

Songwriters: Fran Hall / Shiben Bhattacharya / Cook Classics / Anna Graceman
AZ Lyrics

AZ Lyrics

Speak To Me

This song made me question myself too, it talked about drowning underwater…

“Persuade and be found
Loud enough so if I’m underwater
I’ll hear you as I drown
Let it flow through the emptiness”

Emotions are like water, and you swim through them, to get to the next island of reality, where you climb out of the ocean or sea, and get your bearings on reality.

Just my own thoughts, on what it means to me… I asked you before, but the ones who read it, didn’t show you my questions… So I made up my own version.


 AZ Lyrics

Living in Denial

This is the song I heard, that you were singing to me, to clean my hoarding lifestyle, I know you weren’t singing to me… but in my mind at the time, you were.

There’s so many voices in the world trying to communicate to everyone else.
It’s a lot of white noise to make sense of… it’s static on the line of communication, but eventually it’ll makes sense.

And eventually, it’ll make sense to you.