It’s Worst, Than You Thought


Art & Photo Generators

It makes Art easier for the artist, or someone who is not an artist at all… and can manipulate photos at will and blend them to create new art… with AI anything is possible.

This is an AI Pixabay image with a snow scene, it saved me from wasting my time, with the many sites creating AI art, it’s the new doorway for scammers to get into your computers, and wreak havoc with them.

I guess I was curious to figure out what it did with one of my portrait photos, but I had to upload 10-30 photos of my head shots.
I don’t have the time to do that, and write what I want to write about it too.

My time is precious to me, there I said the narcissistic term again … “ME“.


This is Joe Rogan on his show bringing up what AI did to his face.
It hooked my mind, and I was curious of what AI does to my face, and I went looking for AI generated art & photos…

This is the Link to Dall•E 2 the ones who made the faces.

The world is a game being played by the propagandists and the the like infecting our society, for their enjoyment.

It’s not for our enjoyment, but is a waste of time for us… in the end, it will all make sense to us.

I joined the Artbreeder, it was the only one I understood and made me somewhat amazed by my face portrait, I started this over an hour ago… so I’ve already wasted more time than I needed… we are growing older as I speak.




I guess it looks like my Dad for the older shot, and it doesn’t look like me for the younger shot… it’s a rabbit hole for anyone who is not tech savvy… it was a rabbit hole for me, and I’ve been working with computers for 40 years.

Anyway, I guess I’ll give my short rant about AI tech generated art & photo forms… it’s something that makes our lives more complicated than it needs to be.
But, there are people that hungers for the new tech toys at their whim, like a frenzy obsessed shopper going through the stores and knocking toys that they don’t like on the floor… mad shoppers in the stores, are now mad shoppers online.

AI art is has been around for about a year, and all the esoteric sites that popped up, if you understand them, then you’re lucky.

My head’s discombobulated from the short time I researched it today… I started the search for it about 3:30pm-4pm, give or take a few minutes, and now it’s 6:45pm… so do the math yourself, and it’s going to get worse as time goes by.
So sorry, I’m depressing yous.