SPAM replies, is it right or wrong?

Is it right or wrong to reply, do they have track back capabilities or not?

You get a comment and you have a comeback, is it right to respond to something so blatantly SPAM.

How it got by Akismet is beyond me, they were keeping the comments, but this is similar to what other spam they caught. So I decided to reply, it is what I’m here to do.
I’m a person with a mission, I want truth to rule the world of lies, and see how that goes.

So my vote is cast for truth. Money is a good tool when it’s used by truth, it’s corruption when it’s used by lies.
It’s a human crime against humanity, it’s a self destructive trait of mankind.



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  1. The monetizing of the Web is the way to hell, I’m just doing this for the survival of the truth. Monetizing everything is the murdering of the truth, advertising is the murdering of the truth. The flippancy of the truth is a trait of advertising, and it’s murdering over time, and not instant like war, it’s a disease that gets worse over time. The end result is DEATH.


Does replying to SPAM create more SPAM? Is the question I’m left with.

Is it giving credence to the mission of SPAM, and wasting my time, and wasting of your time. I already wasted 2 hours of my time, and I’m left with questions in my mind.

This is deep…and unsure.

I’ll have to understand it, and research it on my own.

Oh I got another Spam message it included

[…] Conspiracy Stuff […] 

Where I got the spam message in the first place, on the page CONSPIRACY STUFF.

I’m a newbie with this wordpress coding, but I think it’s short-code for me or some other program. I don’t know the basic spying capabilities, I’m dumb in ignorance, as we all are.
But I have the basic questions that made me reply to spam being right or wrong? Is it right or wrong?