Are we real?

Are we Real?



It seems the reality we see and think we exist in could be just a simulation, an illusion of the great spirit, or just another theory that proved false. I believe in the creator, God made things to evolve, so science the other religion, has some truth to it.
Science gave up seeking the medium of spirit, it does exist, but because they don’t see it, they excuse it, cause they can’t measure it. They need to see it before they believe it.

It’s experienced through faith, and that is the basic no no for science. Faith is when you experiment and your data is the fruits of your faith, so don’t talk about faith as a waste of time, that requires what you can’t see, cause by your experiments you see the data of what you hoped for and wanted proof.

Science is the religion of proof for the weak minded, in my eyes, don’t take offense in that statement, cause I was in that state of mind in my childhood. I was going to hell at 7 years old, according to the Nuns at the elementary Catholic school, cause I missed church on Sunday. That made me lose faith in a God that was supposed to be merciful and forgiving.

I realized after I made it through this life, that God was real and was all forgiving, and the Nuns believed in a false God. Which that God is leading the extremists and the terrorists, he’s an angel that was expelled from heaven, and decided to be God, cause he knows the use of the medium spirit, and he abuses it daily. Well that’s my theory, there are many myths which back up that theory. It’s my religion, and I share it with you…I don’t have to prove it, I take it on faith.

Watch this questioning documentary, it explains the best anyone can interpret of this big vast universe.

“lets just accept the universe is weird and view that as part of its charm”
Max Tegmark