IS is “Idiotic Stateminded” rather than Islamic State

IS = Idiotic Stateminded

Enough Ego Trips

IS is went to ISIS(Islamic State of Iraq and Syria), and then it went to ISIL(Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant), they want to encompass the world with their sick justice, and claim it is holy and sound. The senseless violence in their judgements with their decapitations, instead of love and seeking resolutions. They claim to know what God wants, they don’t know God, they know God’s anger.
They bring God’s anger over all the world, but God’s anger is directed at them.

They want to bring about a caliphate which is a basic govt, what govt is used for a model, it goes back to medieval times. Islam is a religion, and the caliphate is political with its capital punishments offering a beheading, if you don’t think like them.

I don’t want to refer to name calling like a child who didn’t get his way, and name calling is all he has. I would like to reach into their hearts and reveal their true hypocrisy of their leaders. Sharia law is OK when it’s not done to you, you are so righteous, you want to pass the executions and give out the punishments, but when you are confronted with the same judgment, you cower and seek mercy.

May God give you the mercy that you showed to the infidels, your brother and sisters that you murdered, cause they don’t think like you.

I make this statement to vent, or I’ll blow up. Please cut my head off, and put me out of my misery.

Looking at the Ukraine debacle which is more than what’s being reported, and it’s scripted

 The scripting is by the reporters telling the truck drivers what to say bringing humanitarian aid to eastern Ukraine. They might have been telling what to say at customs.
I don’t trust anyone in today’s world, they have all hidden agendas.

I won’t even talk of the 500 children killed by Israel, that reached that mile mark today or yesterday, and I won’t even go into the debacle in Missouri, where the racial tensions are at the extremes.
This world is sick or in labor pains, I see a new birth of understanding. It’s definitely NOT IS(Idiotic Stateminded) understanding of the world, it might be the last pains before birth.

I don’t know what it is, but I hope God’s not that sick, cause God hasn’t changed in the minds of God’s creations(mankind) for over 10,000 years, still doing the eye for an eye mentality, that never worked. God repented over that mentality before Jesus, and Jesus brought a new mentality, a new covenant that erased the old covenant that raised the violent method, and instead raised love and forgiveness.

We went through the crusades where the wars of the Christian world and the Islamic world made a truce, and it is becoming prevalent again.

I’m at my wits end, I haven’t even mentioned all the other problems in the world, but God is taking care of them, God left this world to us, and gave us free will. God said those who seek God in the heart, and through all sincerity and truthfulness, God will hear you.

I see the Jewish side, Christian side(since I am one), and the Islamic side, but the IS is the side I’m dead against, cause they make the world their enemies and to be put to death all who disagree. God is the maker of death, as well as life, and should be left to make that decision, not some joe blow from England making that judgment.

The racial tensions and the cultural tensions in this world are the basic causes of error in our judgments. We make cruel judgments and feel like we are to be praised for our outlooks.

You can disagree with me, I won’t threaten you with death. I don’t believe in Sharia law, I follow Christ’s law, love your enemies, die if need be, but love first and last.
It means I have a lot of work to do, cause I have a lot of times in my life I got mad and didn’t show love, showed hatred at every turn of the day. I have a problem with anger control.

God humbles me, which I’m thankful for, but when I witness his anger with the distortions of IS(Idiotic Stateminded) followers, I grow angry with them and their actions. God is Spirit and is not capable without the collective spirit of mankind to agree on a judgment, that’s why we live.
We are supposed to seek out the spirit of God, not power and recognition for praise. We come up with an agreement that we all agree on, and that is God.

It has been done all throughout history, and it’s been our steps of humankind. My religion is my religion, and is none of your business, unless you want to share in peace. I will hear you and your views of God, cause I don’t know all of God, God is as vast of the heavens, galaxies and universe. There might be more of God that we don’t see.

I have an open heart, it’s what makes me climb out of bed everyday. So I bid you with peace and prosperity for tomorrow and all of our future on this world.