Life is a bowel

— Life is a bowel —

 It seems that all of life is trip through the bowels, and the end of life is the shits…or the whole life is the constipation of fools, or the diarrhea of fools, there are very few who have the fiber of a clean healthy shit.

I made my rounds on FB today, and came up with this song by Tom Waits called “Come On Up To The House” , and it never left my head, it echoed on and on in my head, maybe because I kept playing it over and over. Tom Waits is not my favorite singer, but he has an extraordinary character in his voice, and when I like his songs, they never leave me.


Maybe it was my mood and this song filled the pothole in my life’s road, it’s a good song. I’m just guessing it’s a symbolic song, philosophizing on the goals of life. We create our own problems with our own paranoia’s suspicions, and I also learned Scott Stapp from Creed is in trouble in Florida, from a 911 call from his ex wife.

The call said he was delusional and the CIA recruited him to kill Obama, it was on TMZ, so that being said, we know what kind of credence to give it. They’re a gossip TV show, they usually blow things out of proportion.

Anyway, I hope Scott realizes that he wrote this song, for some reason… I can relate cause I woke up from being unconscious on a Sunday morning too.


With the brute force attacks on, made my day exhausting, I didn’t do anything to tire me out physically, but thinking is as much work as laboring with your body. You still feel frustration, you still curse, and are hurt from the drainage of energy, whether it’s noticeable or not. You’re still tired and felt like you gave it your all.

So hopefully this turd I passed doesn’t smell, and you have the pleasure of smelling it.