Space Explorations

— Space Explorations —


The space explorations are mapping out our future. The series of the Asteroid belt and the Kuiper belt in our solar system and beyond into heliopause.

Voyager 1 went into interstellar space recently.

I don’t know when it will enter the Oort Cloud, but I think it will be destroyed by an asteroid, unless it has maneuverability to evade attacks. Well it made it through the asteroid belt and Kuiper belt, so maybe it has evasion tactics, built into the hardware.

The Oort Cloud is outside our solar system and in interstellar space. I’ve got this from NASA, I didn’t experience this first hand. We have yet to experience the intergalactic space, we must first explore interstellar space first.

All the Centaurs(Minor Planets) that are in our solar system, there are around 44,000 centaurs.

The Dwarf Planets are another dynamic of our solar system. There is an estimation of 200 now, and maybe 10,000 in the future.

“Estimates are that up to 200 dwarf planets may be found when the entire region known as the Kuiper belt is explored, and that the number may exceed 10,000 when objects scattered outside the Kuiper belt are considered.”



What’s beyond our solar system is the first steps towards amazement, and beyond our imaginations. What we will discover is dangerous and adventurous at best, and incomprehensible and deadly at worst.

Speculations and assumptions run rampant in this documentary, but it’s showing the amazements of God’s creations. The incomprehensible and the comprehensible together, it awes us, to confusion.

It covers what we discover in our imaginations, and what we can’t imagine. We have yet to understand everything on earth, and we look to understand the universe. I say know your own home, before you go out and try to conquer and understand the universe.

Explore within your limitations, and know your limitations.

I didn’t even mention Dark Matter at all. They say it’s made up to 90% of the universe, but it could be only 10%. I believe it is, but more mysterious, once we find it.


“The “Journey to the Edge of the Universe” documentary film broadcast on National Geographic and Discovery Channels. It documents a space journey from Earth to the edge of the universe itself. The US edition was narrated by Alec Baldwin, the UK edition by Sean Pertwee.”