NET Neutrality

— NET Neutrality —


I think it’s a Trojan horse,  I think there is a lot hidden in the fine print. The doubletalk that lawyers thrive on, I see a lot of litigation debates and headaches in the future, where the progression of the advancements of the internet is bogged down with trivial stuff.

Errors slow down data rates, and this puts a lot of errors down the pipeline. I may be wrong and “a turd”, but I don’t bite at the treat that is filled with the comforts of pride, when it is filled with chains, that I break my teeth on.

I went looking for the Title II, and it’s in the Telecommunications Act of 1996, this is giving control to the Govt. They claimed it, like they claimed this land from the Natives. They think they own everything, as long as no one objects, they do.

They could by law, stop the corruptions, that chain us with errors, or they could free us to seek the truth on our own, unfettered by laws that restrict the flow of data.

It’s bad enough that the technical hardware and laws restrict the flow of data, and the trolls passing the lies as the truths. The net neutrality is being either free, or the govt which got it’s money from us, the people to build the internet, should be neutral on it’s development, and not make laws that weighs down its development and progressions.

Even the outlines of Telecommunications Act of 1996, it’s claiming of the owner to be the govt, which it’s a long forgotten aspect that the people are the govt. The few we elect are the govt, and that power has corrupted the few that we elect, they claim it as their ownership… they forgot that they serve us. I think they need to be reminded that they get their power from us.

They’re probably a few that were good when they got in office, I say to them that when lawyers stop writing our laws with doubletalk, to cover their asses and leaving a way out, then we will be free, when the ones we elect are accountable for the lies that they pass.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not condemning lawyers, I’m sure there are a few good lawyers. They are a master of words, it’s just that their power went to their heads.

This satirical piece is how I feel about this news, I agree that we need an agreement of the minds, but we continue to gain on the other person, and the other person agrees to gain from the person that we agree with, and lawyers draw up the contracts of the agreements.

In other words we agree to fight, and love gets buried with trivial disagreements, hopefully true agreements that will grow through the chaos that were buried with noble seeds.