Monopolies of Tech Companies

— Monopolies of Tech Companies —


The battles between companies to make it to the King of the Monopoly Hill, it reminds me of the king of the hill game when we were younger. If you didn’t have the strength to ward off the challengers, it was a constant defending your place on the hill.

I got bored with the constant fighting, cause there was no real winner, cause I saw the king of the hill was the strongest bully, which was a total arrogantly diligent asshole. If they changed the name of the game to the total asshole of the hill, I wonder who will fight for that title.

The way tech companies buy other companies, and take their product and make it their own, with all the security flaws that they entail. Some release it with all the security flaws and privacy issues, I find nothing today is private. I wonder what is privacy for.

Usually the schemers want privacy, you know the ones with something to hide out of fear that they’ll get caught.

I did a number of things that I was ashamed of in my youth, that would embarrass me now, if people found out about it. It would tempt me to go in deniability mode, cause no one likes to be embarrassed, but I’ll probably admit to it, cause I found denying it only leads to hell, and I’m already there. We all are there, but we need to realize this is heaven, then the world will change for the better.

The same with the tech companies denying they knew about the flaw, both the security and privacy issues, and the gaping backdoors to the govt agencies. The hardware manufacturers too, they left backdoors on hard drives for the sake of govt spying.

Where they could keep a mirror copy of all that was deleted. My suspicions, and not actual fact, but them finally admitting this was going on for 15 years, which was before 9/11.

Why don’t they go back and retrieve all the trillions of dollars that were found unaccountable, the day before on 9/10/01, I’m sure there was data that they could’ve retrieved.

It’s sad that 9/11 happened the day after, they announced the discrepancy of the Pentagon’s finances, which is at 8.5 trillion that has not been accounted for, they need a better bookkeeper, they suck at keeping track of what they spent.

The Fed sucks at bookkeeping too, they have about 8.5 trillion that is unaccounted for too, and there is 17.5 trillion dollars, close to our national debt. If not over our debt…it increases daily due to interest.

I’m an idiot when it comes to bookkeeping, but I know to get receipts is the first thing everybody does, and I know how to add receipts.

It’s disgraceful, when the IRS is breathing down our necks, and these federal agencies are getting us more into debt with their shoddy record keeping.



Fascism/Corporatism is the marriage between govt and business, I thought we were fighting that.

We live on the propaganda of freedom, no matter how true it is, or not. We live on the false hopes of commercialism and consumerism, shop for what you need, or shop for what you’ve been brainwashed to buy.

We are not truly free, cause being free would you not being forced into going into debt, to pay the tax man or credit card companies. Corporations are needed, not on the scale of today, but more on the scale of inventiveness. The brokerage of big corporations to grow bigger, where their flaws grow bigger and bigger with their growth/size.

“Too big to fail”  … I’m sorry, I’ve been failing all of my life, so I know that integrity fails, cause you want to do the right thing. The corporations want to hide their flaws, and the companies that get so big, when they fail it will be a major catastrophe for the world, cause most of the big corporations are global.

Corporations hide their flaws, because advertising their messes isn’t good for business.

The monopoly games end, and by then we realize it is only a game.

Life is not a game, and those who make it a game, cause a lot of suffering for the weak, you should make a game that deals with compassion and empathy, I’ll play that game.

Nahh, I’ll keep my integrity, Life is NOT a game, it’s to be enjoyed by everyone, not only the strong, chaining the weak to the walls of debt, showing what they should buy.

Consumerism is as destructive to society as Communism or Capitalism, they have their positive sides, but their negative sides are power hungry fools, and this world is so negative.

I sat through these videos and others.