Sourcepoint Wars

— Sourcepoint Wars —


Sourcepoint is throwing punches for people that don’t want to look at their ads, are they for real?

I’m sick of the extortion practices that we have to pay for the right not to be brainwashed. They’re talking of paying a fee, if the public want to see their content without the ads.

When I go to a site and a pop up pops up, I click close… more than not…about 80%-90% of the time.

It’s obvious to an outright idiot, that they insult your intelligence with their ads… they don’t give you any meaningful info, only a baiting info for the next click.

Public speaks with adblocking, and the people choose, no more forced advertising… the internet … cannot exist without advertisingthat really pissed me off, it’s an arrogant view of self importance.



Noun: extortion
1. An exorbitant charge
2. Unjust exaction (as by the misuse of authority)
3. The felonious act of extorting money (as by threats of violence)

Extortion might be too strong a word, some would argue, but I see it as to the point, rather than skirting the issue to get around it with semantics. I highlighted in red the definition I’m using. The public speaks up, are you listening?


Sourcepoint is knocking on the doors of destruction, and they’ll see a major trouble, if these extortion practices continue. Anti advertising is my natural right, it’s not to be infringed… it’s an act of war otherwise. You’re looking to take more of my freedoms away, with this blocking me, which is your right, but it’s my right to block you too.

You don’t want to show me your site, it’s fine with me… the day of forced commercials is over and has been over for years now. The extortion practices of advertising being forced down our throats, as if it is their rights, I see it as a fee based for viewing their ads. They pay for the production and the audience…where we are paid.

We all need a little green in the pockets of an economy, that’s been put to disrepair with their greedy practices.

To think that we need advertising for the internet, is a disgrace… who put the internet up for sale?

It was originally funded by the taxpayers, and the corporations quickly gobbled up all the technical savvy people, and claimed ownership.

Like a homesteader in the days of the old west, they went out and claimed land, because they were there first… it doesn’t matter that the native Americans were there first, oh I forgot just natives is what they would like to be called.

Well, the taxpayers were the first owners, like the natives, they were given this territory by God, and the white, black, yellow, brown, and probably a few red men in there too, brought the corporations, which they lie and deceive daily. They rape the technical savvy and claim ownership through patents and digital rights.

I’d be for patents and digital rights, if it was processed for what it was designed for, to protect the rights of inventors, artists, and engineers, but that process has been raped by the advertising industry too. It’s a house of leeches and parasites, the lazy get their fill without giving anything in return.

Much like me with my disability, I see them as disabled too, but not with physical ailments, unless you address lack of intelligence as an ailment, but they have the disability pay to buy the technical wizards.  The blindness of their prideful ways, that the public should pay a fee for their manipulations, but the truth is, that they should be paying a fee for their rights to manipulate.

I don’t remember that the taxpayers putting the Internet up for sale, it would be big news, if they did.