A lazy interesting day…

— A lazy interesting day… —


I had a very interesting day, a little lazy, but a little interesting too.

I learned a little more about E-Plates, I heard of it before, but I didn’t know they were active… in fact I don’t know if they’re active in MT. They’re plates with an RFID chip in it. 

They were being used in NY before I moved for toll across the many bridges… so they’ve been active almost 20 years now.

This is an article describing the monitoring of license plates in a Walmart parking lot, it was brought to my attention by DAHBOO77, I find him overboard many times, but he comes up with some interesting points.

After the fact, I did more research with the comments of the readers, and I came across this article … it’s a repo vehicle searcher,  loaded with their software looking for low life’s that don’t pay their bills. It doesn’t say much for Walmart.




Then I saw Shots of Awe again, this is Jason Silva marveling over his own mind and the minds of others, talking about the designers designing our futures, and we becoming what we design. I marvel over the same things, but not like Jason. He scares me for his own sake… I enjoy his own exuberance, but not as callously or ignorantly as he.

His boldness has me at awe.




Then I saw this Elephant that has been wounded, he had a very bad wound. They took him to a nursery where the elephant bonded with other young elephants. It was a happy break from thinking… it had a happy ending too.




Then I went back into thinking with this shite from Russell Brand, comparing the new Jurassic World movie as a prophecy about capitalism, I thought no one thought more than me… but I was wrong.

He started off with the truth about Zane, which was a sad story. The he went into reviewing Jurassic World after rambling with his thoughts… I won’t spoil it for you, it depends on your mood, I see Russell as a bore too…he’s either boring as boring can be, but other times he strikes a chord in your heart where he mesmerizes with his thoughts.


This is the comparisons to capitalism… I thought, I thought weird, well there is another weird one out there.



Then I learned a little more about Ramadan, that I didn’t know. Ramadan is based on the Arabic/Islamic calendar so it’s a different time every year, cause the years are measured shorter by 354 days compared to the Gregorian calendar which is 365 days.




Israel is going mad again, well when were they weren’t? The chosen people making a way for the madhouse, I’m left with the question, for what are they chosen?

Their answers are so full of pride, which is a sin in the excesses they display. So are they the chosen assholes of the world, or the hemorrhoids of the world. I’m not talking bad about Jews, more like the state of Israel, which is the political side of Jewish nationalism… the religious Jews are OK in my book, it’s the political Jews that are my enemy. They start wars through deceptions.




While I was looking through the trailers for Jurassic World, I came across this trailer for The Martian.

I wondered how many years it would take to reach Mars, which depends on its orbit and the distance between earth and mars. The smallest distance is 34+ million miles and the largest distance is 250 million miles. So you do the math at 36,000 mph.

Copied from article from Space.com

  • Closest approach: 942 hours (39 days)
  • Farthest approach: 6,944 hours (289 days)
  • On average: 3,888 hours (162 days)




This is the playlist that I listened to also, I didn’t get through it, because I thought of other things to do, but I listened to it as background noise for my thinking.