Scleroderma ?

— Scleroderma ? —


 My Aunt Mary died this morning, or yesterday morning by the the time I post this, from this disease, Scleroderma;  and I never heard of it before, so I’ve been studying it all day.


They say there is no cure for it, or what causes it. That’s a pretty hopeless view of it, the cure has not been discovered yet, is more like it.

That dismal view is the way the medical industry views it. The road to a cure, it is a slippery path, I see it that way. Rather than the hopeless view of the medical industry, instead of encouraging the faith in the patient that there will be a discovery someday towards the healing, they tell them there is a hopelessness to the cure’s discovery.

That hopelessness lives on in the patient, and the patient is under your control with that hopelessness that you instilled in the patient. You kill the patient while he/she lives, you make zombies…not that drastic, but close, you kill their willingness to live a quality life.

You kill hope, much like the religious fervor in the middle east, they war over everything, claiming God blesses their distortions of the message that God spoke to them, they embellish the original message with their own understandings, thus the distortion is born.

I’m going off on a tangent here, but to get back to the disease of Scleroderma. This disease is an autoimmune disease, where the body attacks itself.

In fact that many treatments is a dangerous treatment, and the disease progresses at attacking the body.


 I’m thinking if you try this on Scleroderma, and CBD not THC, where you experiment on Scleroderma giving the non-psychoactive cannabinoid, seeing if it is beneficial to alleviating the effects of the disease.


It’s worth a try, the Charlottes Web brand of cannabinoids that doesn’t have the THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid, but CBD (Cannabidiol) is the major cannabinoid in it. I think CBD therapy is a major step in alleviating the effects of Scleroderma, or testosterone therapy, since it’s a woman’s disease, and testosterone is a mainly male hormone.

It’s my guess, I’m at my wit’s end on this subject. It sprung on me like a viper, and I lost a member my family, with a disease I never heard of before. I’ve seen youtube videos galore on treating the effects of Scleroderma, mainly the real drastic cases of Scleroderma effect your appearance, my Aunt wasn’t deformed from what I saw of her except the major weight loss, but her lungs were, so that they didn’t let her breath.

This was a disease that I wish I had prior notice of, before it struck my family. My Aunt Mary was a quiet woman, she knew about it for years, but she didn’t want to make others worry.

She’s out of pain now, and she is walking with Grandma, in whatever it looks like in heaven now…or another dimension. The main thing is, she is out of pain.

But there is a cure, don’t stop looking for it.


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