Why does my IP keep changing?

— Why does my IP keep changing? —

My IP has changed multiple times over the last few months, am I being hijacked or is it something to do with the cloud?

The hackers/spammers must be using a proxy service, I thought I blocked all traffic from Italy’s servers, but certain IP from Fastweb get through, maybe they are based in another country. I’m tired of being bothered by them cause of what I say.

It’s easy, if you’re bothered by what I say, don’t visit my site, but don’t infect other people that do visit my site.


I went investigating the rentals of IP and came up with this comical youtube video.


The Brighthouse servers must have a proxy service too, because they’re using it too. They must be using a proxy service through Cloudflare, cause I’m a part of that.

I wish someone would teach me this and not be so esoteric about it and try to marvel and amaze me, I’ve had my time being amazed by the best of them… now I’m just left being confused and bored by all this esoterical crap.

You start mentioning money and profit, you bore me. Life is nowhere about that, that is the con being bought for centuries by the public.

I gave up on Zemanta, I think they took the side of the spammers…there must be someone in that organization that thinks of the little people, and not be so shallow that they seek profit at every turn on the web. I’ll put in the links, as tedious as it is.

It was a good idea though… I’ll miss them.

The proxy servers is rampant around the web, cause everyone wants anonymity, but once you go on the web, your anonymity is surrendered. Just because you’re anonymous on the web, where you’re going, you’re not anonymous. You’ll be less amazed by the anonymity factor, and more a failure of the practices of the web research and development.

So when you’re done playing your games and collecting the data that is only speculative data, and feeding the algorithms that give only speculative conclusions which can be misleading at worst, and incomplete at the best.

It doesn’t give you prophetic powers, just false predictions that is filled with errors. You need patience to reach a sound conclusion, when you base your conclusions on incomplete data, you’re either a lucky guesser or an idiot as Arnold said.

I’m already bored with this subject, it’s just somebody trying to rip me off…but I went on to the web of my own accord. I’m not looking for profit, cause that serves the dark side.

You can hide behind a proxy all your life, while I don’t, we’re still going to the same place.



UPDATE: I find there is whole virtual real estate bubble being formed on the WWW where they buy IPs that they rent or lease, or sell. There is IPs that are virgin, never have been used.

RIPE(European region IP),
ARIN(American region IP),
AfriNIC(African Region IP),
LACNIC(Latin America and Caribbean region IP),
APNIC(Asia Pacific region IP)

I believe sells them where you can sell them for profit or lease and rent them, so it becomes the peoples property to do with what they want. This is my guess, since it’s property, I wonder if there is tax on that property.

It gives me something to think about, knowing I can buy blocks of IPs… and become a virtual real estate tycoon.

I find the more things I own, I have more responsibility, I’m getting old and I want less things to cocoon me here… I don’t need another bubble to transform me into something else.

It gives me more to think about to say the least.

I went to ARIN and found this video