Corporate Power goes Wild

— Corporate Power goes Wild —


Fascism is coming again in a new wave, more destructiveness, more subtly, so unnoticed that they hope to spring it on you as a surprise/unawares.

The secret chapters that are hidden from the news, and the people, and the congress like lap dogs are forbidden to report the deals. They serve the corporations first. The corporations are not the people that elect them… the public.



It’s a new wave of fascism, a more subtle form of programming where they’ve taken over our minds with entertainment and media, and we’re in a pacifist mode of listening and agreeing, while we are brainwashed into buying their products… brainwashed into being a consumer of lies.

I’d rather be a consumer of truths, it’s more productive.

Consumerism isn’t serving the public, it’s ripping off the public, and making them buy more and more, and filling up the landfills with what we throw away, to buy more stuff that we don’t need, that will eventually be thrown away.

If they offered updates to the products that they sell, rather than obsoleting the product altogether. We only have so much room that the world could take of the junk dumps that we create. China has been manufacturing for about 30 years, it was Japan’s jobs, when I was a kid.

The TPP is a covert bill that has many traps that they want to pass, it’s my suspicions, because of the secrecy involved.. .the lack of transparency, from the transparent presidency.



We have the power to stop this being forced down our throats, it doesn’t have to be passed without the transparency promised. We didn’t learn from the Obamacare debacle, the TPP is worse than Obamacare.