The shots in Paris

— The shots in Paris being staged —

I guess it’s all the perspective of the witnesser, did it come as a surprise or were you prepared for it.

This video is a certain one’s perspective, and he makes a strong case with me…especially the bullet missing the police officer’s head.

I may be a sucker for conspiracies, as I’ve been proven to be before, but this guy drives a very strong point that resonates with me. So look at it, and see if it resonates with you.


This video is certainly a strong case that we are being lied to.

Why were they wearing masks, when they left an picture ID for being identified?

I smell another 9/11 going on, that came as a surprise for me too, as this Paris shooting. So I wouldn’t be surprised that this is a fake too.

9/11 the towers came down, and the pentagon was burned, but the plane wreckage from the pentagon was missing and the hole was the size of a missile, and the implosion of the towers was like a controlled demolition, and not even mentioning tower 7.

The thing of a day before 9/11 this video was in the news on 9/10, and the next morning the towers came down… the $2.3 trillion dollars went missing, and was quickly forgotten with the hype of the 9/11 attack.



I don’t mean to be a party pooper, but I say it with love…the things we see and are presented with is a manipulations in the works, is it natural or are our own delusions?

I think it’s a little of both, where the manipulators are exploiting our ignorance and dumbness. This is what a trillion dollars looks like, the scope of the numbers are like exponential differences, the size expands at a rate that our minds can’t comprehend.


We went into 18 trillion dollars in debt, we were 2 trillion in debt in the 80’s, and now it’s another war to fund the war on terror, that is a conundrum in itself, cause war is the definition of terror. The banks are the only profiteers of war, they fund both sides of the wars, they grow richer at our expense. We the public lose.

We need to wake up to our dimness, and shine with the understandings that are true.

There are manipulators out there, they are the mainstream media. They are ignorant too and being manipulated as they are manipulating, they are the victims too. The credibility factor is decaying the walls we build to protect ourselves, with accusations being the demolition balls that strike at our structures.

This is one accusation that I hope is false, but this guy makes a strong point.

UPDATE: Either this is a good acting job of the brother of the cop who got shot, or reality… I don’t know anymore. The cop was a Muslim too.