— Passenger – Whispers —


I‘ve written many songs, some never understood the lyrics, and I failed to communicate what I was saying, but this song hit home for me, I’ve been puzzled why I’m here too, and the words cut me to the bone. I never heard all of his songs, I have a faith, so I never heard his songs before, my bad.
I know atheists are part of the family, because God doesn’t believe in atheists. I don’t know where I got that Mike Rosenberg(Passenger) was an atheist, it must’ve been another song, I heard, and judged with assumptions rather than facts.

It’s been every disagreement in the world from wars to poverty… so I digress.


Well, I’ve got open eyes,
And an open door,
But I don’t know what I’m searching for.
I should know by now.

 I thought of this many times in my life, but I always blamed God for being silent, God talked, but no one listened before, they only distorted what I said. God is such a misunderstood entity, God breathed into us and we became living souls, according to Genisis.

“I still haven’t found what I’m looking for”  — U2

I’ve been looking and searching, I’ve turned over a lot of rocks, and found a lot of worms and crawly things. I’ve searched the skies and saw a lot of strange lights, you know the glowing orbs and the flying saucers that didn’t give any sound, but they moved strangely. If they’re angels or demons, I’ll never know.


Well, I’ve a big old heart,
This I know for sure,
But I don’t know what my love is for.
I should know by now.

I should know by now too, this may be taking his words out of context, but his words are mine for the taking and my interpretations, as my words were taken out of context for what they never were meant. I have taken numerous artists out of context. We all have women and men that we bond with for a little while where we decide that we don’t mix or become a stalker.

I admit I was a stalker of something I didn’t understand, and that’s why I stalked, because it confused me. I questioned things more than I needed to, eventually  I found out. They were my younger years in my 20’s.

I became indifferent the rest of the times I was confused.


Well, I’ll wait in line,
So I can wait some more,
‘Till I can’t remember what I came here for,
But I can’t leave now,
Cause I’ve a light that shines,
And a love so pure,
But I don’t know what to use them for.
I should know by now.

I’ve been waiting to see the doctor that will heal me, so I can wait some more, and all I get is Obamacare.

I said I would follow you even though I can’t walk anymore, but I never thought you would torture me with tests and trials, that I fail daily. You tell me to still love, even though they don’t understand love, and are unappreciative of love, but I guess they will never understand love, if I don’t show love.

I guess it’s a micro step towards knowing what my place in this world is.


Well I spent my money,
I lost my friends,
I broke my mobile phone,
3am and I’m drunk as hell,
And I’m dancing on my own,
Taxi-cabs ain’t stopping, and I don’t know my way home.

This was a classic of my college days, I spent my money to no ends, though I didn’t have mobiles in the 80’s, but I had many drunk nights, and I danced on my own many times, and the taxi cabs sped on by … and I felt lost on the side of the road many times.


Well it’s hard to find a reason, when all you have is doubts,
Hard to see inside yourself when can’t see your way out,
Hard to find an answer when the question won’t come out.

I felt this way before my accident, and the road was cloudy and unsure, I was filled with doubt at every turn in my life, but the call was always calling me on. Not telling me what to do, but always gesturing me to seek, and there were very few times that I found grace, and I was unappreciative of the grace, and I never got it anymore.

If I had questions, then I wonder why you didn’t hear it with your graceful gestures, WHY?… was my burning question.


Oh everyone’s filling me up with noise,
I don’t know what they’re talking about,
Everyone’s filling me up with noise,
I don’t know what they’re talking about,
Everyone’s filling me up with noise,
I don’t know what they’re talking about,

This is what the media makes noises over and over again, reporting the news as they interpret it, this is just noise feeding their agendas, I don’t understand the words that they’re talking about. I understand, it is just feeding their agendas.

They confuse me when I try to understand, so I don’t listen with any credibility heard. They’re just noise, loud white noise, but noise all the same.


You see all I need’s a whisper in a world that only shouts.

All I need is a whisper, not all the loud noises of killings and murders, all the assaults and batteries, all the  deceitfulness and corruptions,  and the lost loves and the heartaches. The closer to silence is the key to getting my message across, once I find what that is.

I guess it’s closer to the Need to Breathe song “More Heart, Less Attack”… “I’m down the river to where I’m going”

More heart and less attack, more love and less judgment…so what, someone drew Jesus with diapers on, and so what someone drew Muhammad in a mocking way. It’s just a picture and God is not bothered by our pictures, we draw to interpret the world in which we live in, it’s art, sometimes bad art, but even bad art is the most valuable art. It’s usually someone saying something that needs to be said, but it wasn’t out of fear.

More heart, and less attack… it lights up the cracks of society, so that others can see it.