Seasick Steve “That I know”… Which is Nothing

There’s been a couple of songs I heard, and wanted lyrics, so they should be below.

AZ Lyrics

It’s a Long Long Way

AZ Lyrics

Church of Me

AZ Lyrics

Clock is Running

e’s his own property, I saw him on YouTube a couple of times… And I enjoyed him.

Seasick Steve(Steve Wold), this is what Wikipedia said about him, and this is what I say about him… we all have/had different educations, I don’t know anything about him, but I like his music.

I subscribed to him on many times, and I returned to his Youtube page, and had to re-subscribe again… there are so many individuals like chips on a motherboard(Earth), they each have job to do, when they make personal judgments, they affect/effect other people.

I’m a lot like Seasick Steve, I’ve had a very traumatic life, and was left as an outsider, that wanted to be an insider/belong… so I became a road builder(Virtually at least)… or a part of the virtual/digital team, I know I think differently, but you don’t see what I see.
We all have our own perceptions/dreams of the world, and ” don’t give up on your dreams, Or they will give up on you”, that is a quote of a line of lyrics, from one of his songs, “It’s a Long Long Way”.

This is him talking about “Old Skool” recording, which I started in, and went through the transition from analog to digital.
So I can relate to his views of “Old Skool” recording.
In fact anyone can, especially, if they tried to build a recording studio of their own.

This is a playlist of Old Skool Recordings, 4 videos total… I only saw the Intro, but when I have the hunger for nostalgia, eventually I will see them all.