Scriptures Quotes as Making a Political Point, Is a NO NO.

Singapore says SO,
as a Mouse that Roared.


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As Singapore is its own island country/nation/city/state, a small island country/city with close to 6 million people, and they speak mostly English, as their main language.

And they were upset, on the social media’s post of an Israeli embassy’s post, using the reference from the Quran, which was taken down by Singapore’s request… it rewrites history, through our narrow mind’s eye, which excludes the bigger picture of what happened… it focuses on what only one person sees.

There’s a bigger global picture of what the whole world sees, and that should be taken into account, if we ever want to see heaven, here on Earth.

And I’ve been guilty of that too, using the Old Testament quotes to make a political point, so forgive me for my sins. I see the point of trying to rewrite history… it doesn’t solve the core of the problem.

You can’t cure the disease by treating the symptoms, it only makes the disease go through more stress, which only inflames it more, and makes it worse, before you started trying to heal it.

The core is where the cancer lives… if you are sweet to it… it makes it stronger.

That needs to be healed first, because it was Netanyahu’s reference, that made the Amalek quote from the Book of Samuel, that made me try to rewrite history… like a spark, that started a wildfire in this soul, I started burning up my forests, and I was becoming a barren land… with no future.

Cause I was killing all the life around me… and inside me.

Don’t fall into that trap, if you want to make this world a better place to live… cause it won’t, and you only destroy your chances at a better life.