MPC Studio makes you feel stupid,

And I’m already stupid,
& I don’t need to be reminded of it.

I got this yesterday, and it seems to be loaded with downloads, and it always says no MPC is plugged in, but I have the MPC plugged in, and I need to plug it in so the firmware could be updated, but I have to restart the MPC in update mode.

I’m being bombarded with quick witted responses, that I lack more now, in my older mind’s reflexive reactions.

I’m feeling even more dumber, than when I stated this, change from standalone MPC devices, to the MPC version 2.14 software, with stem separations.
Which makes me happy and I want to test it with “Election Day”, and separate the vocals from the music, Mike did a whoop vocal noise, that I want to capture/sample.

And make a tonal changes to the 16 values of the pads… with sample edits… my mind is running rampant like the rabbit, saying he is late… when Time doesn’t matter to anyone alive.

Anyway, I thought I’d share my experiences with you, as if you even care.

I need to make this communicative from the readers and myself… but that crosses into over my head knowledge, with different trolls and serious communications between servers, and all that’s over my head and understanding.

You open the doors, and the trolls come in, and waste your time… with carrots on the fish hooks.

Trolls like to test you on what you can do, by manipulating your ego’s reactions to flattery, I’ve experienced that before… to be manipulated by flattery… to buy something new, or try a new way of thinking… it’s all been a failed experience before, unless I’m unlucky.

But I think NOT, as to being unlucky, I prefer unconditional grace, with love and truth… not marketing strategies with lies and incomplete truths, and leave you in an assumptive heap on the floor.
Which has been my whole life… with unsuccessful attempts at insurmountable success… unless I’m selling my soul… which I’ll never do.

I wonder, if I waste my time, that I’m selling my soul… which has been my whole life too.

Life is so confusing alone… but friends make your life more smoother, I can do without the romantic friends, I find I’m in an assumptive mess, more times than not.