Scottish Independence

— Scottish Independence —


 I think if Scotland is to be free, then they would have to count only Scotland’s vote. Then they would be, but we know that’s never going to happen.

The UK votes, and they got it fixed. Like the US the dollar buys the vote, so in the UK, the pounds buys the vote also.


The delusions of Freedom = Independence = Democracy

Where on the people of Scotland, they are forced to live in a pseudo freedom. That’s controlled by the currency, no matter what it is, or in where the corner of the globe. It’s a fake freedom it’s supposed to give you comfort, like a pacifier to suck on, instead of a tit or a bottle.

It pacifies you to not start a revolution. I remember when Braveheart came out, there was a lot of fights around the neighborhood. I watched it and became very anxious. Also, I lost my temper at the drop of a hat, over the next few weeks. It instilled in me an anger at the loss of my home.


I got a new home here in Montana, but it will never be New York. Like we can’t go back, and take our youth again. It will never be the same. We can’t go back in history, to take back our country. It’s already instilled in the system of things, and without total annihilation of the makeup of society, we have to get used to what was bought for us.

Like a pacifier calms the baby’s cries, democracy calms our cries for independence. Under the delusion, that it gives us freedom.

Our independence never gave us freedom. It gave us an eternal war for that freedom against that fascism, that wants to buy our freedom with a selfish consumerism. It’s true our lives are better and more comfortable with the “selfish freedom” they deliver, but I wonder if we’re better off living with tyranny, or a pseudo democracy that disguises itself as liberty.


All the Best to Scotland


Whatever the future of Scotland, I hope they’re happy in it. I know that consumerism is a dark future, it’s not sustainable.

It’s like the gas peddles on the floor, you will run out of fuel eventually. It’s not sustainable.


This isn’t space where the laws of inertia are different. We have gravity here, and friction too. What goes up, someday will come down.

Free Scotland! There is always hope… but I don’t see it in democracy that’s run by the UK.

It’s like a bad divorce, and England’s the abusive husband, and Scotland’s the battered wife.